I can't handle it!


I LOVE hanging out with Trey everyday! He is growing and changing so fast- I can't believe he is already 2 months old! He is such a happy, content little guy, he is so smiley and starting to giggle and laugh...Ka-UTE!
He loves to:
*suck his hands (he is even pretty good at getting his thumb in there- it goes against all my dental knowledge to allow it-but it is pretty adorable!)
*be naked :)
*look at the Christmas tree
*sleep! (we are on a record of 7-8 hours straight, eat then back to sleep for another 2-3hours for the past 3 weeks!)
*have tummy time
*take his D drops
*and talk to Mom and Dad...it's amazing how long you can have a conversation of ooo's and goo's
We are loving every minute!


I love December

Can it be? December is really here? It always amazes me how fast the year goes by, I remember last Christmas perfectly! A lot has changed since then, and I start to feel a lump in my throat when I think about everything that has happened in our lives over the past year. On one hand it feels like it was forever ago that we found out we were expecting a baby, but on the other hand it feels like it was just yesterday that Brock's mom was with us. There have been so many special moments over the past 8 months where we have felt heaven so close, and for those I am so grateful. I am so thankful for Brock, and the miracle of a beautiful baby boy smiling at us all day- I know without a doubt we are loved and watched over. I love December because it seems like everyone is more loving- the spirit of Christmas is in the air, which really is the spirit of Christ. I am so blessed to know that because of Jesus Christ families can be together forever- and I can carry that spirit with me everyday throughout the whole year- it makes me happy!


my husband...

...is the best!
I found this in my inbox today...

from Brock Wilde thobrowilde@gmail.com

to amylouwood@gmail.com
date:Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 10:07 AM
10:07 AM (3 hours ago)

Dear Amy,
You have been hereby formally invited to a Surprise Saturday put on by Thomas Brock Wilde!! Your agenda is as follows:
9:00AM - 11:30 AM? Church clean-up

12:30 - 1:30 Racquetball fun at the University of Saskatchewan!!

3:15 A great 60 minute massage at Paramount Day Spa and Salon (don't object to this it is my baby gift/pregnancy massage to you)

6:00 Dinner prepared by ME!!

7:05 - Despicable ME!!!!!!!!!

Please RSVP to thobrowilde@gmail.com if you will be able to accompany Thomas on this great day.
Much love,
Brock Wilde


one month

I CAN'T BELIEVE TREY IS A MONTH OLD! Where has the time gone? He is getting bigger (and cuter!) everyday, it is so exciting to see him growing and changing, I want time to slow down! I think the best advice I was given is to just enjoy every moment with him, so I have been trying to not be my usual OCD about perfectly made beds and clean floors and counters and just relax! I love holding him and looking at his little face, I love the little expressions he makes and I love watching him fall asleep, I just love him more everyday! Being a mom is amazing! I feel like I have a whole new understanding of how much my parents love me and Heavenly Father's love. I am still amazed when I look at him and think he is our baby, it's so fun to see ourselves in him! He definitely likes to eat and sleep like his dad- he's been sleeping 4 and 5 hour stretches in the night for the last week or so, and he is always up for a nap with mom :) He loves his careseat, he basically falls alseep the minute he's buckled in- which makes running errands so easy! And he is getting STRONG, he holds his head up so good and is always kicking and waving his arms! One of my favorite things is that he is cooing and SMILING!
 ps. I heard this song yesterday...and I couldn't stop crying. I blame post-pregnacy hormones...


happy halloween

Brock LOVES Halloween, we had been talking about what we were going to dress up as for at least a month, and of course the day of our wards party arrived and we had nothing. I felt bad. We left the house at about 10am on a mission to get the three of us costumes and after a CRAZY day (apparently we were not the only ones who left it to the last minute) we got home at 4pm and just had enough time to get ready and to the church. Brock's cousin Katelyn did his make-up he was pretty excited...I was pretty creeped out- no one recognized him! And it's a good thing Trey isn't any older because I'm pretty sure he would have been traumatized by it! We handed out candy at the 'trunk or treat' then went out to eat with four other couples and played "Werewolf" after- my FAVORITE! It was such a fun night, and Trey just keeps impressing us with how good he is (knock on wood)

And of course we put the CHRISTMAS TREE up the next day! Wahooooooooo!


He is here!

Trey Thomas Wilde
was born on October 4th, 2010 at 1:57pm
he weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20"and 3/4 long

I can't believe he is actually here. After 9 months of wondering and dreaming what he would look like, our sweet baby boy is in my arms right now. It was a pretty long labor to get him here, my contractions started Saturday morning and he was born Monday afternoon. We went to the hospital to get checked Sunday night at 11pm and I was only 2cm. I spent the whole night going back and forth from our shower and a huge pile of pillows, but I made it to 7am and when we went back I was 6cm. I waited a couple hours to get an epidural, it took the edge off, but it wasn't quite how I thought it was supposed to be, after some checking they told me it wasn't placed right, and soon after that it was gone. This scared me, I wasn't prepared to have a natural delivery, but once it was time to push I just went into the zone- I kept my eyes closed, and did everything the doctor told me to, and 50 minutes later Trey was here! 
What an amazing and spiritual experience- words cannot describe how I felt when then put him on me and I saw his perfect little face looking at me! Brock was so wonderful the whole time, he was so good at helping me relax in between contractions, encouarging me and reminding me the baby was coming soon! I know I couldn't have done it without him! He is such a great dad ( I knew he would be!) I love seeing them together! We are so in love with our little boy and he is such a good baby! He eats and sleeps like a dream and never cries...seriously, this guy is too good to be true! I am so grateful that I am his mom, it defineitly is a 24 hour job, but it doesn't feel like work- taking care of him is so rewarding and makes me so happy! I could just hold him and kiss him all day- okay, I pretty much do- until Brock tells me it's his turn! I am so amazed that he is here and that he is ours, it truly is a miracle!
I love my little family!


maternity pictures?

So I thought I would never get maternity pictures taken...I just didn't see myself wanting to document this uncomfortably large period of life. 
Buuuut a girl in our ward just started a photography business and she asked if I would be a "model" for her (I am feeling anything but model-ish lately)
So I said I would. 
Do I regret it?
Not entirely.
I decided once the baby is here I might miss my "pregnancy body" and it will be nice to have some good pictures to remember it by. 
So here is a taste of our little 38 week photoshoot...


ready, set, wait...

How can one day seem so close but at the same time forevvvver away! October 1st is my due date, which, I know, is only 10 sleeps from now, but it feels like it will never come! (plus I have learned from others that a baby on, or better yet before your due date, is not very likely to happen) 
I have been trying to keep my mind off the fact that I just want my water to break RIGHT NOW, by filling my days with laundry, cleaning, doctor's appointments, baking and walks around Walmart, Superstore, Old Navy, Costco, Pier 1....trying not to buy anything- excpet for when Old Navy had a 30% off sale on all the baby stuff :) I know that I will miss being able to just get up and go once the baby is here, but we are just so excited! I still don't feel like it is real, and I don't think I will until I am actually holding him in my arms, I just want to see his little face so bad!


happy anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday! 
Because it was Sunday we could be together all day, yay! Brock is such an amazing husband- he is so thoughtful and does so many little things for me, he is always making me laugh and we have so much fun together! I love being able to spend all my time with my best friend and share everything together! Being married has made me a better person. I feel so happy everyday knowing how much we love eachother and that Brock is always there for me, and me for him! 
Nothing can replace the feeling of being unconditionally loved!  
 This past year has been very unpredictable, like life usually is,
 but we have grown closer and I love him more everyday!

We watched Elder Scott's CES broadcast(click here if you want to watch too!)...it was a perfect message for the day!
 I am so grateful for our eternal marrige.
Family really is what matters most, and I love mine a lot!


home sweet Saskatchewan home

We made it! We are officially residents of Saskatoon SK and we are loving it! After 6 months of moving around it is so nice to be using our own stuff and to know we are settled here for a while! We have a lot of friends out here and our ward is great! Brock started school yesterday (the U of S is so nice! All stone buildings and a lot of trees everywhere...it looks like Hogwarts) and I found a doctor! So now we really are ready to have this baby!

We FINALLY got a camera again, so here's a few pictures to recap what we've been up to

We babysat our niece Bailey for 8 days...all the unpacking and organizing tired us all out...truthfully this was the trick we discovered to getting her to sleep

she loved Saskatoon...most of the time!

baby Wilde at 37 weeks! And me ready to be done being pregnant...

Our living room
  the kitchen
 our bedroom...all three of us


As usual I am updating this blog thinking, "where has the time gone?!" Can we really be halfway into AUGUST? Can we really be moving ALL our stuff to Saskatoon in a week? Can Brock really be starting school in 3 weeks? Can we really be having a baby in 6 weeks? And whether it seems real or not, it is. And we are gradually getting closer to being ready for everything.
Brock is so amazing and better than any husband I could ever have imagined! He has done so much to get us ready for all of these changes, and is so good when I am not feeling my greatest (which. sadly, is most of the time). One perk of our busy days is that is keeps my mind off of the ever approaching "miracle of life" I am starting to feel anxious for- I just keep telling myself it will be a dream delivery- so it will be...

Two months ago we would never have dreamed we would be where we are doing what we are doing. So I am excited to see what these next several weeks have in store for us!


the belly debut

here it is people...
the first photos of Baby Wilde at 28 weeks!
...time is flying by!!


oh Canada!

I Love Canada!
In the past couple months we have moved a lot and we have seen parts of the country that I had never seen before, and it just made me fall in love even more! I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful, free country! I am grateful to be surrounded by family, for my hard-working, wonderful husband, and a little baby on the way! Life is wonderful...eh?!

A friend sent me this.
It makes me smile...I think you will too.
Have a Happy Canada Day!


Summer Lovin'

It hasn't rained for the past 3 days, and it is nearly July, so I am declaring that
summer has officially arrived! Brock likes selling in the sunshine 1000000x better than the rain, and the sunshine definitely perks me up...although I have been eating a lot of frozen grapes and popcicles, and a couple nights I have been tempted to sleep outside! It is going to be a hot summer!

I had a doctors appointment a few weeks ago and another in a couple more weeks, everything is going great, except the fact that I have come to terms that the "morning sickness" that usually lasts 3 months has decided to be my friend the whole way through! Diclectin and TUMS have become my best friends! I have another ultrasound on the 14th and we are so excited to get to see our little guy again! I am feeling kicks to my ribs and my bladder- sometimes at the same time!...so I can't even imagine how much he has grown! According to my pregnancy book he should be hearing our voices, weighs about 1.5 lbs and is about 14" long! I am only a few days away from my third trimester...the countdown is on!

Calgary has been treating us pretty good. It's funny because we both said we would never live here...never say never I guess! We really like our apartment and I have even learned how to get around without the GPS- only to a few places though, mainly Superstore, my sister-in-laws place and the mall! Being home has given me time to dust off my homemaking skills Brock likes the home cooked meals and I have a couple sewing projects on the go! Time is flying by and I am afraid we will be in Saskatoon before we know it! So I am trying to get things done before my days (and nights) are filled with feeding and diapers!  


the year, I mean the month, of May

Well it has been a little while since this has been updated because we have been so crazy busy!! April ended with a wonderful holiday in Hawaii!! We were there for 10 days, and had so much fun! too much fun to try and describe in words...and I would post all of our awesome pictures...but we lost our camera (I don't want to talk about it, or more like can't talk about it without crying) Our flight landed in Calgary and we drove up to Edmonton for Brock's cousin April's wedding then back to Lethbridge for a fews days. I had an ultrasound- it's a BOY!! We are so excited!! It was so crazy to see a little baby moving and squirming around in there! From there we made the looong drive out to Winnipeg...in a bizzard.
We lived there for about 10 days (we are selling Liberty Security systems, call me if you want one) we didn't get to see much of the city, but we had fun exploring a new place. Our office was relocated so we had to make the looong drive back to Alberta- 12 hours of singing in the car take a toll on your voice! We once again were in Lethbridge for a few days then we went on a roadtrip with the Wildes!
 We took a monster RV and headed for the open road...we stopped at Mt. Rushmore, Nauvoo Illinois, The Mall of America, and we even got to see the Yankee's play the Twins (they had to wait until the next day to beat them because our game was rained out) if anyone is in any of these areas and sees a camera in a green case I will give you a million dollars to bring it back to me! After we got home from the roadtrip we headed up to Red Deer to sell for 5 days and I learned I don't envy anyone who lives in a hotel! And now...home sweet home...we are getting settled in Calgary for the rest of the summer!
There were definitely times when I wondered what was going to happen to us...I have never felt more homeless in my life! I read this quote a week or so ago, "Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end!" I really like that, and I know it is so true! Everything will be okay!


baby oh baby...

As of late my mind has been filled with thoughts about the little one we have growing inside of me. Boy or girl? what does it look like? what should we name it?...  I'm only 16 weeks and I am already getting excited to see him/her...I need to be more patient.
A friend told me about this website and I am loving reading about all the changes that are happening...like right now it is about the size of an avocado and has started growing toenails!
I had another doctors appointment yesterday, I love to hear the little racing heartbeat, it was 140b/m which if we go by 'old wives tales' could mean it's a boy! I'm not sure if Brock and I have the genes to make a boy?... There is still a couple weeks until I have an ultrasound, I am reeeeally hoping we'll be able to find out who is in there!


"nothing is as constant as change"

A lot has been happening in our lives the past few weeks, I've been thinking about changes, ones we want,  ones that come unexpectedly, ones that have happened and the ones we are preparing for. I have always told everyone, myself included, that I love change, 
but lately I have just been wanting time to slow down for a little bit.

In six months we will have moved twice- to places neither of us have ever been and we will have a new addition to our little family...
(in case you haven't already heard, we are having a baby!) I have read through this talk many times over the last while and it has brought me a lot of comfort. I am so grateful for our church leaders, and I am really looking forward to hearing from them this weekend.


our life right now: very busy, but very good

Winter has past (crossed fingers) and springtime is fast approaching, the thermometer is going up and I feel like the number of things to get done is also on the rise. So I'll blog about all of them and see if anything gets done...riiiight...  As previously posted we are moving, and Brock also surprised me for my birthday with a
TRIP TO HAWAII! We are leaving on April 20th for 10 wonderful, warm days. Sooo that means within a month between school and work we have to: buy a car, get new cell phones, change banks, pack up our whole house and find somewhere to store it all for 4 months...just to name a few. I've been trying to think up ways to make it all one big game-some sort of "amazing race" or something...we'll see how it goes


big news...


To where you might ask...edmonton? no. Arizona? I wish...but no. The moon? Don't be silly...

Give up yet? Okay, I'll tell you...


I know, you proabaly never would have guessed it, but it's true, and we are surprisingly really excited-
We're looking forward to a new adventure!
But don't worry, it's not until April, so you still have time to bid us farewell


2010...bring it on!

Well...2009 has come and gone...and what a year it was! I am becoming to realize that my Grandma really is telling the truth when she says she stills feels 30 years old- time just seems to be flying by, but I am loving every day!  2009 was a  big big big year for change, but it was all for the better, and it is crazy how far from your 'one year plan' you can end up in just 12 short months! We had a really great Christmas and a nice, sunny, warm holiday in Arizona. We did most everything we set out to do, including our "old years resolutions" all in all it was pretty much the best Christmas ever! I love my husband so much, I feel like life just gets better everyday, there is so much to look forward to and be excited for! I love this quote and this talk "...Fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith."-Thomas S. Monson