Summer Lovin'

It hasn't rained for the past 3 days, and it is nearly July, so I am declaring that
summer has officially arrived! Brock likes selling in the sunshine 1000000x better than the rain, and the sunshine definitely perks me up...although I have been eating a lot of frozen grapes and popcicles, and a couple nights I have been tempted to sleep outside! It is going to be a hot summer!

I had a doctors appointment a few weeks ago and another in a couple more weeks, everything is going great, except the fact that I have come to terms that the "morning sickness" that usually lasts 3 months has decided to be my friend the whole way through! Diclectin and TUMS have become my best friends! I have another ultrasound on the 14th and we are so excited to get to see our little guy again! I am feeling kicks to my ribs and my bladder- sometimes at the same time!...so I can't even imagine how much he has grown! According to my pregnancy book he should be hearing our voices, weighs about 1.5 lbs and is about 14" long! I am only a few days away from my third trimester...the countdown is on!

Calgary has been treating us pretty good. It's funny because we both said we would never live here...never say never I guess! We really like our apartment and I have even learned how to get around without the GPS- only to a few places though, mainly Superstore, my sister-in-laws place and the mall! Being home has given me time to dust off my homemaking skills Brock likes the home cooked meals and I have a couple sewing projects on the go! Time is flying by and I am afraid we will be in Saskatoon before we know it! So I am trying to get things done before my days (and nights) are filled with feeding and diapers!  


the year, I mean the month, of May

Well it has been a little while since this has been updated because we have been so crazy busy!! April ended with a wonderful holiday in Hawaii!! We were there for 10 days, and had so much fun! too much fun to try and describe in words...and I would post all of our awesome pictures...but we lost our camera (I don't want to talk about it, or more like can't talk about it without crying) Our flight landed in Calgary and we drove up to Edmonton for Brock's cousin April's wedding then back to Lethbridge for a fews days. I had an ultrasound- it's a BOY!! We are so excited!! It was so crazy to see a little baby moving and squirming around in there! From there we made the looong drive out to Winnipeg...in a bizzard.
We lived there for about 10 days (we are selling Liberty Security systems, call me if you want one) we didn't get to see much of the city, but we had fun exploring a new place. Our office was relocated so we had to make the looong drive back to Alberta- 12 hours of singing in the car take a toll on your voice! We once again were in Lethbridge for a few days then we went on a roadtrip with the Wildes!
 We took a monster RV and headed for the open road...we stopped at Mt. Rushmore, Nauvoo Illinois, The Mall of America, and we even got to see the Yankee's play the Twins (they had to wait until the next day to beat them because our game was rained out) if anyone is in any of these areas and sees a camera in a green case I will give you a million dollars to bring it back to me! After we got home from the roadtrip we headed up to Red Deer to sell for 5 days and I learned I don't envy anyone who lives in a hotel! And now...home sweet home...we are getting settled in Calgary for the rest of the summer!
There were definitely times when I wondered what was going to happen to us...I have never felt more homeless in my life! I read this quote a week or so ago, "Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end!" I really like that, and I know it is so true! Everything will be okay!