and here we are...

I've been pretty M.I.A. on here, but that's how I've been in everything the last little while, so I don't feel that bad about it... :) the reason is because I haven't done much more than lay on our couch, and bathroom floor for the past few months, but its all for a good reason! we have some really exciting news...

we are so happy to be expecting a baby! he or she (we've seen it, and there is only one) is due to arrive in July! it is so fun seeing how excited Trey and Claire are! they were still pretty little when Brigham was born, so it's been a new experience for all of us to have them asking questions and planning for the new baby!
I've had a lot of emotions as we have starting telling people I'm pregnant, excitement and joy obviously, but back in September I had a miscarriage, no one knew I had been pregnant and I didn't want to tell anyone about my miscarriage. I don't know all the reasons why, I just knew I didn't want to. 
But, being pregnant now I have felt like I'm only sharing half the story if I don't share that I had a miscarriage. it's hard to put it all in words, but I know so many women know, and like in all aspects of life, we experience greater joy when we have experienced sorrow, it makes us who we are.
so, here we are, new year, new challenges, and new hope! 
we can't wait to meet you baby!