What a wonderful time of year! I love the changing leaves and how they swirl and blow around the streets. I love wearing warm mittens and scarfs. I love that it was cold enough for my Dad to build a fire in the fireplace. (I even love that it snowed yesterday) I love Autumn! It really is beautiful...

I came home to Barnwell yesterday...and I brought my appetite! We had a dinner at our house today with my Mom's family and then tomorrow we go to my aunt's (next door) with my Dad's side. Mmmm, I love turkey..my sister named today's Rodger, and he was delicious! I think as time passes I appreciate all of our traditions more and more. I've realized that things don't stay the same for long. I know that my sisters and I won't always be together to set the table and make the gravy. My Grandma will not always be there to make us go around the table and say what we are thankful for, and hopefully one day my Dad won't be able to take me down in a football game.

I am so thankful for my family. I know that they will always be there to support and encourage me in everything I do. They always have. When I was driving up to the house yesterday I could see my Dad working outside and as I got closer I could see my Mom and a couple of my sisters inside...I hadn't been home for a few weeks, there really is no other feeling that can compare, it felt so good to just be home. It really is a refuge from the rest of the world..sometimes I feel like it is the one place I can really take a deep breath. Whether we are just sitting, or talking, or playing, or laughing (usually so hard at least one of us is in tears) life just seems to slow down and I just try to soak it all in.

I love my family.


the probability of an unwavering resolution

So that picture describes the past month or so of my life.

Basically everything in my life has changed in some way...which I decided can be a bit overwhelming, if you let it be. However I also decided that being overwhelmed by something is allowing yourself to feel unprepared when things change at a pace that you had not anticipated ...which of course has never happened to me...riiiiight...considering everything that has been going on I can honestly say "so far so good"... I am thankful for that.

I was talking a man at work the other day and he said something that really got me thinking...I decided I am going to call it "The Cable Man Theory"...so here it is...

The Cable Man Theory
A man came into the dental office...he was over 20 minutes late, which is equivalent to 2 units of time, which is a pretty big deal in a dental office. He apologized for being late, and said the cable man, who was scheduled to come to his house at 8:00am that morning, never showed up...the man had waited but decided he had better get going to his dental appointment (good thing, he was having a root canal...) This man's appointment was scheduled to begin at 8:30am, but did not being until 9:00am, which isn't exactly the end of the day, and therefore the next appointment scheduled to being at 9:40am did not begin until 10:05am. This appointment was a woman, she was having two cavities filled, but now was worried about being late for a lunch date with a friend which was planned for 11:00am. Earlier than I think most people prefer to eat lunch, but on this particular day, this patient was meeting a friend who was leaving that afternoon for Calgary, to catch a plane headed for Paris, France. The cavities were cleaned out, etched, bonded and filled, and at approximately 11:07am the woman's friend called to ask if she was still coming, the woman assured her friend she would be on her way to the restaurant in "less than 10 minutes" to which the friend responded that she would not be able to keep her lunch plans because now she would not have enough time to eat and still catch her plane...the two said goodbye...over the phone...and I escorted the patient back to the reception area...
I was feeling bad for this patient, she had to miss her lunch date with her friend, and it was our fault because we were behind...no, wait, not our fault, the other mans fault, no the other man's cable guy, if only he had shown up on time, none of this would have had to happen. I let this thought reside in my mind for about a minute or so...and then I thought , "hey, I wonder what happened to the Cable Man this morning..."
That may be kind of a strange example of how to explain what I have been thinking about...but isn't it amazing how 1 decision or one persons actions has influence over so many other things, things, that often, I do not even factor in. Where to live, what career to pursue, what school to go to, who to spend your time with, what to do in that time spent with them...( and I even think what time to go to bed) are the pieces that make up who we are and ultimately our eternal happiness. It is like the famous analogy of the small pebble being thrown into the lake...small ripples turn to big ones. Like my choices, even though they seem menial and unimportant, I have to remember that they WILL have very VERY long term effects....which is exciting.
I read these recently and they also got me thinking.....
Side note** one of my friends introduced me to a song that I cannot stop listening to...I just love it, maybe because it is a guy singing and playing the guitar, maybe because I really like the the part where he sings "look into her green eyes" or maybe I just think it is a great song in every way (and by maybe I mean 100% most definitely)
I was listening to it today...in my new car...YAY!


At long last, August is Almost over.

I realized something today...fall is coming.

I saw a leaf fall out of a tree.

It was brown and dead.

And as I watched it drift to the ground I got really excited! I can only describe it as an anticipation for the unknown. A little strange, but about 4 times every year I feel the same way. I love being at the doorstep of a new season, it is kind of like a mini new year to me. I look forward to the changing weather and variety in temperature and scenery. It seems like just when I am getting used to the weather patterns, they change, and it's great. Especially this coming season, I am moving to a new house, I have a new job, new room mates, new ward, and new people to meet!

I have never been able to say which season is my favorite...but I am thinking about all the things that make me love fall and (for now) I may choose to declare it as #1! It definitely wins for best colors, and call me crazy, but I even like the chill in the air that bites your cheeks when you step outside...don't tell anyone but I am even a tinsy bit excited for the first snowfall....shhh!


a wedding and other happy things

So first of all my cousin/the closet thing I have to a brother got married on friday! It was a perfect day, the weather could not have been better and everything and everyone was beautiful! I am so happy for the newest Bullocks! They are both such awesome people, it is so exciting to see two people who are just perfect for eachother...and the great part is they are going to be living in lethbridge too!! YAY!
As for me life is great! Here are a few reasons why I think so...

1.38 degrees yesterday, that means only one thing...THE LAKE
2.Last night I ran to my favorite place in Barnwell, the sky was cloudless, it was amazing! And I even saw a shooting star, very rotic (if you know what that means).
3.I didn't have to work today, so I actually got a full 8 hours of sleep
4.I went to the Library and got "The lost memoirs of Jane Austen"--if you are interested in her I would recommend it
5.My mom and I cleared out the garage and moved stuff to the shop...there was a mouse in the shop..we both stood on lawn mower and screamed for about 5 mins then laughed about as hard. It was so funny!
6.It rained this afternoon, which I love for two seperate reasons number one: the smell. Number two: I watched Brigadoon! I love that movie!
7.we made salsa today
8.Abby told me her favorite thing about me is my ear flops..aka ear lobes
9.Molnars taber corn for dinner, which was basically edible gold!
...and I am sure number 10 will happen before I hit the sack...


happy holiday

Well, this year the fam went on a rode trip to Utah. It was a lot of fun packed into one short week...and one 7 passenger vehicle!
We visited family in Rexburg and Salt Lake, stopped at the sand dunes, Lagoon, BYU and of course the Park City Outlet mall...with 5 girls it's a must! We had fun staying in hotels, shopping, swimming...ect...but we were all cheering when we saw the sign for Barnwell.
Vacations are great, but it really is good to be home!


the lund kids

I had so much fun taking these pictures, Sadie and Brynn were really excited to be 'models' and even Kade and Reese co-operated for a couple!


Wood's at the Lake

This past weekend I went to a Forest and Eda Wood (my Great-Grandparents) family reunion. It was so much fun, who desn't love a family reunion! It was so good to be able to visit with family that I don't see very often, I always find it amazing how close everyone gets in such a short amount of time. There was lots of cousins, food, games, tube rides, s'mores, and laughing! It was only a few days, but it was still hard to say good-bye



This morning my little sister Abby woke up and asked me, "did you know that is it Canada's Birthday today?"
(<- giving 'Canada' a hug...I thought it was cute! haha) She was pretty excited to have this unexpected 'birthday party', which included a parade, lots of candy, BBQ, a day at the lake, and fireworks.
On sunday in church we sang 'Oh Canada', ALL of the verses, it was great! I love our national anthem, and I love Canada.



So my little sister Brooke flew out of the country today...she is in New York, New York right now! I am really excited for her, she definitely deserves a fun trip like this (and I am only a little bit jealous) she is such an amazing girl: She works like 5 jobs, is the Laurel class President, is an honour roll student, and the new Seminary president, I know she will do anything for anyone in need, and she has always been able to make everyone laugh. We have really become close friends as well as sisters over the past few years...and I am glad I can be here for her last summer :( at home. She comes back in a week, so we only have to miss her for a little while.

As for me the past two weeks I have been busy working at a couple dental offices, I am really enjoying it! I just have to figure out what I want to do for the fall...

My plans* are to stay in Lethbridge, I feel pretty good about it. It will be fun to try somewhere new.....I think?!

*all plans subject to change at any time with no prior notice


here I go...

well I am not so sure if this is a good idea...I said I would never have a blog but a few people (you know who you are) "convinced" me otherwise, hopefully this will satisfy them enough to stop nagging me about it :)
never say never I guess...