sometimes I am really really happy,
  like right now.

here's a few reasons why

yep...my life is good


taking the day off.

If you know me, you know how I 
can NOT live without
my day planner/agenda/schedule (what ever you choose to call it)

I am constantly thinking of projects to do, meals to cook, books to read, 
and whatever else you could fill a day with.
That's good right?
Most of the time I think it is.
Except for sometimes when I get so overwhelmed that I just
It's silly really because I do it to myself.
Which is why I decided to "take the day off"

We had an amazing lesson in Relief Society yesterday at church. We discussed this talk.
I was trying not to completely break down in front of everyone because it was 
what I needed to hear and have been praying for help with.
 Today I made a conscious effort to slow down and plan my day according to "what matters most"
It feels good. Really good.
One of my biggest fears is that time will pass and I won't have anything to show for it.
But I am slowly beginning to learn that "anything" doesn't have to mean a
gourmet dinner every night or a finished sewing project. 
It does mean a 
happy, loving family,
scriptures and prayer,
and days filled with meaning, joy and peace.


and the award goes to...

Trey Wilde! for "best baby ever"!

This little boy amazes us everyday! He is so happy and content, he is smiling and laughing all the time (even with his brace on..I wouldn't be!) And he is such a good sleeper!

...is it bad that I am already nervous that our next baby will probably be the exact opposite?


a picture says a thousand words...

...what about a thousand pictures?..
okay, maybe not quite...but here's 2010 in pictures!

{last new years in AZ at the Fiesta Bowl}
{found out we were pregnant!}
 {Brock surprised me for my Birthday with a trip}

{we went on a road trip with the Wildes}
Mt Rushmore
 in the RV
 Winter Quarters


Yankees vs. Twins

 {We had a busy, crazy, FUN summer}
 Wilde Reunion at Lake 5
 Lacey's birthday in Waterton
Brock and Ryder at Chelsie and Brad's NEW HOUSE
 In Waterton celebrating Grandma Lawnee's birthday
{We went to A LOT of weddings}
Brandon got married
so did Blake
so did April
 and Katelyn
 and Landon
 {Brock and I started a new hobby}

{Walk for Muscular Dystrophy}
{My tummy got BIG}
28 weeks
36 weeks

38 weeks
39 Weeks
{We moved to Saskatoon}

{Brock started school}
{Trey Thomas Wilde was born}

 one month


  two months

{We went to Alberta for Christmas}
visiting Brynny
showing off his new brace
 morning nap :)
 Christmas morning!

 me doing what I am usually doing

 Trey's new favorite toy
 Breaking out the 80's snowpants for skating
 all bundled up
 Trey's first time swimming

 big enough for the Bumbo

We were so blessed in 2010,
and can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!