maternity pictures?

So I thought I would never get maternity pictures taken...I just didn't see myself wanting to document this uncomfortably large period of life. 
Buuuut a girl in our ward just started a photography business and she asked if I would be a "model" for her (I am feeling anything but model-ish lately)
So I said I would. 
Do I regret it?
Not entirely.
I decided once the baby is here I might miss my "pregnancy body" and it will be nice to have some good pictures to remember it by. 
So here is a taste of our little 38 week photoshoot...


ready, set, wait...

How can one day seem so close but at the same time forevvvver away! October 1st is my due date, which, I know, is only 10 sleeps from now, but it feels like it will never come! (plus I have learned from others that a baby on, or better yet before your due date, is not very likely to happen) 
I have been trying to keep my mind off the fact that I just want my water to break RIGHT NOW, by filling my days with laundry, cleaning, doctor's appointments, baking and walks around Walmart, Superstore, Old Navy, Costco, Pier 1....trying not to buy anything- excpet for when Old Navy had a 30% off sale on all the baby stuff :) I know that I will miss being able to just get up and go once the baby is here, but we are just so excited! I still don't feel like it is real, and I don't think I will until I am actually holding him in my arms, I just want to see his little face so bad!


happy anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday! 
Because it was Sunday we could be together all day, yay! Brock is such an amazing husband- he is so thoughtful and does so many little things for me, he is always making me laugh and we have so much fun together! I love being able to spend all my time with my best friend and share everything together! Being married has made me a better person. I feel so happy everyday knowing how much we love eachother and that Brock is always there for me, and me for him! 
Nothing can replace the feeling of being unconditionally loved!  
 This past year has been very unpredictable, like life usually is,
 but we have grown closer and I love him more everyday!

We watched Elder Scott's CES broadcast(click here if you want to watch too!)...it was a perfect message for the day!
 I am so grateful for our eternal marrige.
Family really is what matters most, and I love mine a lot!


home sweet Saskatchewan home

We made it! We are officially residents of Saskatoon SK and we are loving it! After 6 months of moving around it is so nice to be using our own stuff and to know we are settled here for a while! We have a lot of friends out here and our ward is great! Brock started school yesterday (the U of S is so nice! All stone buildings and a lot of trees everywhere...it looks like Hogwarts) and I found a doctor! So now we really are ready to have this baby!

We FINALLY got a camera again, so here's a few pictures to recap what we've been up to

We babysat our niece Bailey for 8 days...all the unpacking and organizing tired us all out...truthfully this was the trick we discovered to getting her to sleep

she loved Saskatoon...most of the time!

baby Wilde at 37 weeks! And me ready to be done being pregnant...

Our living room
  the kitchen
 our bedroom...all three of us