friday night date

by the time friday rolls around, we are all ready to spend some time with our daddy! I'd been telling trey and claire that when daddy was home from school we were going to the ice cream grocery store, a.k.a. Costco! we needed groceries and they needed out of the house, so we were all excited for an outing!
well, brock's class went long, it was snowy and cold again, so we had to get all bundled, claire was crying because we forgot her blanket, and trey fell asleep on the way there. once we were all in the store, i just wanted to go back home. we got our groceries and i was ready to abandon my promise of ice cream, but decided to try and salvage the trip. as we were sitting there with our treats a man came up to us and said "got the whole ball team out tonight?" i said, "yep. friday night date!" he smiled at trey and claire and then brigham and said, "oh, those sure are special times." his voice was full of so much emotion and sincerity, i looked at my little family and felt my heart swell. i was so grateful to this man, he made me re-evaluate the "scene" i felt we were creating. i didn't care anymore that trey and claire were covered in ice cream, or how loud they were being. they were having fun, and we decided to just sit back and love the fact that we all got to be together.

sometimes i get too concerned with "trying" to create memories, i forget that everyday and every moment can be filled with love, and that is really the memory i want my children to have! i am so glad i get to be at home with them during these years when they are so young, there is nowhere else i would rather be. there is nothing more important to me and nothing more worthy of my time and dedication, being a mother is my true passion.


dear brigs

my sweet brigs,
you are a squishy ball of heaven. your soft little cheeks and warm fuzzy head make everything okay, and your big eyes and toothless grin make my day. you are so content to lay in your chair and watch the commotion of our crazy home. you love to smile at your brother and sister, i think you know how loved you are! you love when I rock you to sleep, i love it too, but I can swaddle you up when you're tired, lay you in your bed, change the laundry and come back to find you fast asleep. you look so sweet and peaceful, I have to stop myself from picking you up and waking you. you love to "goo" and "coo" now, and we are so excited to hear your little voice! I just cannot get enough of you- try to stay little forever!


just a few things

i went out a few nights ago, to get groceries and some supplies for the week. while i was unloading my cart at the checkout, it made me smile. a few of my purchases probably seem random to the cashier, but there are certain 'essentials' in this house:
-a jug of every kind of milk. lactose free for Brock, 3% for claire and trey, 1% for me. Brighams milk is still free :)
-glow sticks, these are my lifesaver when things get out if control! trey and claire love to play in the bathroom with them.
-stickers, thousands of them! we can never have too many around here!
-every flavour of jello. my kids think I'm awesome when we "cook" jello together.
-Spider-Man, AND Cinderella bubble bath. trey and claire have to have some of each to bath together. High maintenance? Yes. you have to pick your battles though.

looking at my cart also made me smile because I was alone in the grocery store. blissful.