"nothing is as constant as change"

A lot has been happening in our lives the past few weeks, I've been thinking about changes, ones we want,  ones that come unexpectedly, ones that have happened and the ones we are preparing for. I have always told everyone, myself included, that I love change, 
but lately I have just been wanting time to slow down for a little bit.

In six months we will have moved twice- to places neither of us have ever been and we will have a new addition to our little family...
(in case you haven't already heard, we are having a baby!) I have read through this talk many times over the last while and it has brought me a lot of comfort. I am so grateful for our church leaders, and I am really looking forward to hearing from them this weekend.


Shayla said...

I feel the same way Amy!
Thanks for posting the talk. I loved reading it.

amieandmichael said...

CONGRATS! That is so exciting!! I have actually never met you but I've been friends with Brock for a while, so I thought i would follow along on here. Happy blogging!

brock + amy said...

Thanks Amie! We are so excited, and getting anxious to find out what "it" is!