I woke up this moring. that was good. The sun was shining. Also good. A guy came and turned on our gas, we have heat and hot water again. Very very good.
I love the fall. I am 99.92% sure it is my favorite season. The smell, the colors and thanksgiving dinners..yes dinnerS...mmm! There is so many good things happening right now, everyday is great and I love it. If only I wasn't sick. This is not good. And preventing me from enjoying this season that I love so dearly to the fullest.

Dear Body/Organs:
Please, please, please start feeling  better. I promise I will take you for nice walks to look at the changing leaves on the trees. Feed you delicious home cooked stuffing and  if your really good pumpkin pie. Let's enjoy this wonderful time together.
Love, your best friend Amy (Brock too would greatly appreciate it)