monkey see, monkey do

Our little boy is getting so big.
I was holding a friend's one week old baby and I honestly could not believe how much one little person
can grow in just 16 months.
He loves to do everything he sees mom and dad doing. Everything. 
It is pretty darn cute, and definitely gets us laughing. 
His latest favorite thing {and mine too} is giving kisses. He'll see Brock and I kiss, and he's right there at our toes waiting for his turn. He's so sweet!
Throughout the day he'll walk up to me, mouth wide open, saying "momma mmmwah" wanting a kiss.
And I am loving every big, wet one I can get!



We had another whirlwind weekend.

We decided on Thursday night to go to Lethbridge for the weekend. I like "spur of the moment" trips. And this one was no exception.
We saw Brock's sister {who is due to have a baby ANY day} who we haven't seen since the summer, got to go to a Steed Family Party {always a great time} and got to hear Brock's cousin talk in church before he leaves for his mission {and to my surprise catch up with some friends who were in that ward!} and, one of the best parts, the roads we great! {I have some serious anxiety about winter driving}

The drive back and forth gets better each time we make it. It used to feel SO LONG, but now it's not quite so bad. I like having the time to think, and Brock and I have some of our best "life-planning" talks on long car rides.

Right now we are in a kind of limbo. With the possibilities of Medical and Dental schools floating around {in various locations} our five year month plan could go in a lot of different directions.

Either way we are going to be moving in the spring. This makes me sad. I love this city, and I love this apartment, and the thought of giving up either one puts a lump to my throat. The thought of having a baby in the midst of it all just makes me break right down into "the ugly cry"

But I also realize that for now, I can't do anything about any of it. And I am perfectly okay with sitting here enjoying my baby's hiccups and a big glass of chocolate milk.


97 days

I had a doctor's appointment the other day. She came in did the blood pressure checking, the belly measuring and {my favorite} the heartbeat listening, and then she said, "so, welcome to the third trimester!" I gave a polite little laugh and said, "oh, right. Thanks!"
On the inside however, I was thinking,

When I was pregnant with Trey, I bought "a day by day pregnancy guide", so I was always reading and looking things up in it. This time however, it's been nice to know that all the crazy things going on actually are a normal part of being pregnant. Unfortunately this means that I haven't been keeping track of how far along I am. I've just been thinking "9 months is forever away..."

well....somehow that 9 months has turned into 3, which doesn't seem so forever away
{I'm excited}

{another one of my awesome self-portraits}


15 months of Trey

Trey is now 15 {and a little bit} months- crazy.
I've been going through our pictures and videos, and seeing him a year ago, or even a few months ago scares amazes me with how much is is learning and growing. I can only think of one word to sum it all up- fun! I have so much fun with him everyday. We are laughing constantly at him and his little personality. I love hearing his little voice jabbering away, which is good, because if he's awake he's talking to us about something!

Says: Mama {nothing better than hearing that one}, Dada, choo choo, nana {banana}, shoes, buh bye, no, yes, doggy, dee do {thank-you}, ball, fishes {gold fish crackers}, ke ke {kitty kitty}, uh oh, moo {when we ask what a cow says}, wow, shhhhhh {when he's tired}
He's started to say a couple words at a time. His favorite is "shoes buh bye" {he loves to go outside} and "Mama nana" {he knows where to go for food!}

Does: waves, claps, sings and dances, gives hugs and kisses, climbing on everything, running everywhere, brings us books to read and movies to watch {either Toy Story 3, Polar Express, or Little Einsteins}, will only feed himself now, loves to play catch, loves to cuddle {my favorite is, he will climb up on the couch beside Brock or I and hold our hand-melts my heart} He's gotten to the point where we can tell him to go get something or do something and he understands; my favorite is when we say "let's change your bum bum", he walks into his room and sits on the floor ready to be changed- it's great!

Loves: trains {as soon as he wakes up he saying choo choo and pointing to his train} dogs and cats, balls, babies, books, pictures of mom and dad, shoes {his, and everyone elses} and getting his teeth brushed {he goes into the bathroom at least 5 times a day and points at his tooth brush- hopefully it stays this way!} playing in piles of pillows, getting "airplane rides" {all Brock has to do is lay on the floor and Trey is all over him, playing with cars {he sits there with one in each hand and goes vroooooom!} riding his train and truck around, building towers, playing the piano and the drums {drums being banging on the table, or wall, or anything} and his most recent activity, drawing.

I know there is so much I am leaving out {even though this seems like a pretty long list} I just don't want to forget all the things our little boy is up to! We just love every little bit of him so much!

a common sight, Trey with a part of his train and a dog
 putting on shoes and waving bye bye

 favorite hang out spot
 our big boy making a big mess aka. eating supper


what's for dinner?

3 little words I won't have to think {or hear} for the next 60 days.

I finished my latest meal plan today.
Since we've been back from Christmas I been "winging it" every night. I'm not good at this. I love plans and lists and being organized...sooo, I am so happy to have my little grid up on the fridge again!

I was trying to think of a way I could share it, because I am sure there are a lot of people who also love a good meal plan...but I don't think there is...sorry- haha!

So, I'll just share the steps to make your own! {it takes up a good chunk of time, but it is SO worth it!}

1. {depending on how many days you want to plan for} collect a list of recipes you want to make {I did my plan for 60 days, so I used 25 recipes- which will each be used twice. The rest of the days are filled with left-over nights} 

2. break down all the recipes into a big list of all the ingredients { I split my paper in half and list all the non-perishable items on one side}

3. fill in the grid or calender {I try to put recipes that have similar perishable items within a week or so of each other...things like, sour cream, and fresh veggies, and make sure you put the recipe source with it so you don't forget where it came from!}

4. make the shopping lists! {I put ALL the non-perishable items on one list for a Costco trip, and then make a list for every other Monday of the perishable things I'll need}

here's a few of the recipes I am using from online!
Lasagna Soup
Ranch House Crock-Pot Pork Chops
Monterey Chicken
Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups


lights, camera, action!

A while ago I was watching the show "The Doctors", there was a Mom on who was angry because she felt like she had to give up on her dreams to raise her children. They had a psychologist on who said to her, "Right now you are the writer and director of your children's childhood. Are you producing a horror film or a romantic comedy?" I've been thinking about this a lot.

People always say life is short, which in some ways it is. Something I am already realizing is that my life as a mom of babies and little kids is very short. Some days {and nights} feel long, but with every milestone that Trey reaches, along with happiness, I feel a little bit sad that he is already growing up. I try hard everyday to remember to enjoy the moment that is happening NOW! That each day is one that we can't ever get back.

As I listened to this lady talk, I realized that I have so much control over Trey's day. I feed him, changes him, put him to sleep. I also choose what we do, where we go and what we see. But I think most importantly, I choose my attitude through it all.

I want my children to look back and a remember a childhood that was full of loving words and kindness. One of laughing and playing, learning and adventures. One where they felt safe and felt encouraged to be curious and free to pursue their talents and dreams. One where they knew and felt how important they are and how much their Mom loves them.

It is both exciting and daunting to know I am "the director"...which is why we take it one scene at a time.

{and while we're on the subject, here's a couple of my favorite quotes.} 
 To you who are parents, I say, show love to your children. You know you love them, but make certain they know it as well. They are so precious. Let them know. Call upon our Heavenly Father for help as you care for their needs each day and as you deal with the challenges which inevitably come with parenthood. You need more than your own wisdom in rearing them.” - Thomas S. Monson

 Parents, remember that now is your opportunity; you may feel yourself harassed as you struggle through the days with an unruly child, but you are living the happiest and the most golden years of your life. As you tuck them into their beds at night, please be kind to them. Let them hear a kind voice amid all the angry, vile voices that they will hear throughout life. Let there be an anchor to which these little ones can turn when all else fails. The Lord help you so to do
-Harold B. Lee

{here's some picture's of what Trey's been up to}

getting more teeth, this one makes 14!

hiding from me...can you find him in these two pictures?

climbing on EVERYTHING!
 getting taller

being cute!


a plan.

I have mixed feelings about making new year's resolutions.
I love making goals, however I feel like all the hype around the new year can sometimes cause people {including me} to bite off more than they can chew.

Soooo, when I read this months message from President Monson, I got so excited about the idea he presented. The ABC's for a more abundant life! I've been thinking about what he talked about and came up with 4 goals for each of the three categories and then each month I'll alternate. Does that make sense? I get it, I guess that's all that matters :)

I'm excited. My life feels pretty abundant right now. Even more? Sounds wonderful :)


the stars have aligned

in both good and bad ways.

Trey is sick, for the second time in his life. First time was EXACTLY 360 days before...a new year's tradition perhaps? {I hope not.} On top of that, his top eye teeth decided it was time to join the rest of those little chompers. Trey's life for the past week has been a lot of boogers, tears, blankie loving, and a LOT of naps.

I feel so sad for my sick little boy. It's miserable watching him be so miserable.
But, Trey's extra napping has meant extra time for me to get my new year's butt in gear around here, and my cleaning and organizing done!

I think the "nesting bug" has already bit me. In my mind I have been thinking, Christmas, birthdays, baby. Now that Christmas is off the list a bit of panic set in, and I NEEDED to do everything on my "to do list" in 3 days- makes sense right?...it made sense to my pregnant brain.
The apartment has been deep cleaned, de-junked, and the furniture re-arranged. It feels so goooood.

Now, Trey and I are dealing with the reality that Brock/Dada is back in school. Brock tries to sneak out, but Trey always knows. And once the door closes he runs to it and tries with all the force in those little chubby fingers to pry it back open. We both cried a little bit this morning, but some cheerios and pictures of dogs seemed to make it all better {for Trey at least.}

all that's left is for me to eat some banana bread and read my book.

{Trey helping out with some of the cleaning}
{our new love seat, that I don't sit on because I like to look at it.}
{a sick little boy. and new tooth brushes we'll never get to use.}


I love you January.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but I love Christmas! A verrrrry close second however is January 1st!
Who doesn't love a fresh start? 'Cause I sure do!
I feel like the first week or so of January is like a little "time-out" of life. A time to look back on the past year and think about the changes I want to make in the next year.

Another thing I love to do come January is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. I like to say it's a hobby, that way when I am describing my love for cleaning it sounds a little less O.C.D.
I mentioned we made a "little" trip to IKEA over the break, and I was so anxious to get back home and start the organization process:
step 1- borrow my Dad's truck in order to get everything back to Saskatoon
step 2- attempt to help Brock carry it all up to the apartment
step 3- a couple trips to the dumpster and a few ad's on kijiji
step 4- let the fun begin!

my "time out" resolutions are to have everything organized, my next 3 month meal plan, and my new year's goals all done by the end of the week...soooo, you probably won't be hearing from me until then :)

{ps. I really wanted to add some pictures, but it's decided to not let me...so watch out for a picture overload soon!}