late night (random) thoughts

• we've made it through another semester, Brock is in his last week of classes, and will finish exams on may 17! he's worked so hard this year. i'm cinstantly in awe at all he is able to accomplish! it's kind of crazy to think he only has 3 years left! if someone would have told me that we were going to live in saskatoon for 7 years i'm not sure i would have been too happy, but it's won us over and i'm already sad thinking about leaving...but that's a different post for another time!

• a deck is being built in our backyard! we can't wait to enjoy the warm summer nights out there! (so hurry up weather, and get warm!)

• we will soon have a 2 year old again, Claire's birthday is next week! we love this fiesty little girl a whole bunch- she keeps us entertained, in both good and bad ways...ha!

• Brigham is 3 months old, and still our little angel baby. he's sleeping 7:30pm-7:30am straight through, and wakes up and starts sucking his thumb. it's actually pretty ridiculous how content and amazing he is, which just makes me want to kiss his chubby cheeks until they fall off, and have a dozen more babies! he's cooing and laughing, and trey and claire love to 'play' with him, he's usually buried in blankets and toys.

• i'm starting to plan out our summer and we want to do a (maybe a couple?) little road trips! anyone have any fun places we should try? I was thinking maybe kelowna, or possibly Spokane? we would probably max out around 10 hours in the car, so close...but not too close :)

• trey is such a big boy! him going into primary this year, and totally loving it, not needing us, even in other wards(!), has really made it hit home that he his growing up! it's awesome to see him learning so much, and loving meeting new friends and trying different thing...but also makes me cry! i love to lay by him at night and talk about all the thoughts in his little head, my sweet baby is a little man. but he'll still fall asleep in my arms, so it's okay, for now.

• we're entering the season where these two need a nightly hose down. grass in hair, dirt under fingernails, mud on toes. we've been waiting for these days all winter!