ready, set, wait...

How can one day seem so close but at the same time forevvvver away! October 1st is my due date, which, I know, is only 10 sleeps from now, but it feels like it will never come! (plus I have learned from others that a baby on, or better yet before your due date, is not very likely to happen) 
I have been trying to keep my mind off the fact that I just want my water to break RIGHT NOW, by filling my days with laundry, cleaning, doctor's appointments, baking and walks around Walmart, Superstore, Old Navy, Costco, Pier 1....trying not to buy anything- excpet for when Old Navy had a 30% off sale on all the baby stuff :) I know that I will miss being able to just get up and go once the baby is here, but we are just so excited! I still don't feel like it is real, and I don't think I will until I am actually holding him in my arms, I just want to see his little face so bad!

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