Mom, Mother, Mamma

Sometimes, okay most times, it is still strange to me that
I am a Mom...
I look at my little baby and I can't believe I was
 pregnant {gave BIRTH} and now
 have a 6 month old beautiful baby boy
...where has the time gone?!
Someone recently asked me, "if I had know what being
a Mom was like before I got pregnant would I
 still have done it?" to her I simply said,
 "oh, of course"
After as I was driving back home I was thinking
 more about her question and started bawling...I could never have
 expected what it is like to be a Mother! I could have never
 predicted the way my heart would burst with joy when
 I look at my little baby, the complete and total happiness I feel each 
 day as I watch him learn and grow and the glimpse of eternity
I get at the end of the day when my little family is sitting together reading a bedtime story.

I love being a Mother more than words can say.
Here's something that makes me feel pretty good too :)
{Daughters: Elder M. Russell Ballard} 


little foot.

not this one...
this one...
Just like his Dad, Trey was born with a left club foot (I call them the "club" club...yes, I think I'm funny)
At his 30 week ultrasound they noticed his foot was malformed, but said we would have to wait to see when he was born exactly what it looked like and what would need to be done. I was nervous to see what it would look like and what he would have to go through to get it fixed...when he was born I thought it was the cutest little curved foot...I remember having to put his sock on sideways! When he was 3 days old we went to see the pediatric orthopedic surgeon and he got his first cast put on...
then we went back once a week to get a new one for 8 weeks, (soaking in the tub to take the cast off was the only time we could give him a normal bath, and he loved it!)
After the initial casting stage, the Dr. told us he would need to have surgery to lengthen his achilles tendon, it only took about 2o minutes, but my heart broke having to leave him alone and crying on the operating table, I cried the whole time...the cast they put on after the surgery had to be on for 3 weeks to allow proper healing and then right before Christmas he got his "snowboard"

...and now FINALLY
after 3 months of 20hours/day wear
he just has to wear it at NIGHT!
We (mostly Trey, I'm sure) are so excited!
I feel so sad that my sweet little boy had to endure all that he did when he was such a little baby, but we are so grateful that he could have the treatment and care of an awesome doctor so that he will never even remember! All he knows is that he has some serious AB muscles from his "bar workout" and we have learned to watch out, cause that thing can cause a bruise or two!
Here's his foot now!
(this is the best "after" picture I could get with a squirmy 5 month old)
 Congrats Trey, we are so proud of you!


extreme makeover: home edition!

So I had previously posted about my new found love of 'liquidation world', being able 
to redecorate a little was so fun!
I watch a lot of decorating shows and I 
was so eager to do something with our stuff! So here is my little home makeover!

living room before
and now the living room after

  I had been searching EVERYWHERE for a bed skirt because our bed is so high, but I couldn't find one anywhere! They had a bunch of "bed in a bag" at Liquidation World for $30...that's only about $150 less than everywhere else...did I mention how much I love that place?! 
Here's our bedroom
 and here's little baby Trey's new room! Finally!
  and now that he has his own room we can upgrade this to a crib...hopefully soon
here's the kitchen before

(and if you're wondering, no we couldn't sit at the table...)
here it is now!
 I am LOVING more cupboards!!...and look there is actually a spot for the table! yay!
 and last, but not least...we have a hallway, we feel pretty special :)

Home Sweet Home


what to do...what to do

I LOVE having long hair, it's easy and I have basically had it long my whole life, which means
1. I think I look weird with short hair
2. I don't know how to do my hair when it is short
I have "cut it" twice (just above my shoulder) and both times I was mad at myself for doing it and was only  happy with my hair until it grew back out to the pre-cut length...
which brings me to my decision, I REALLY want to cut it, after the joy of post-pregnacy "hair loss" and now the regrowth that looks like teeny little bangs (not so cute) and the fact that Trey's hands are tangled in it 24/7, I am ready for a change!...I think
I have been looking at pictures trying to get an idea of what I think I would like...
these are my favorite...I figure either way I just need to decide...do it, or don't and stop wanting to do it!


must be magic

I honestly CANNOT believe in 5 short months
my baby has gone from this
 to this...
 in only one more month he will be 6 months...which is halfway to one year...which is only 4 years from 5 years, which is halfway to 10 which is only 8 short years from 18...
that. is. scary.
so for now, I will just think about my sweet little napping baby boy :)


Moving up...

We are officially residents of the 3rd floor in our building! YAY! I never felt like we were living in dungeon in the basement, but let me tell you, I LOVE THE SUNSHINE, and we are even on the corner, so we have and extra window :) It was SO nice to just carry everything up a couple floors, considering it was about minus stupid outside the day we moved! And having a two bedroom is also a welcomed change, Trey finally has his own room and I finally get to decorate it! I have been collecting things for his room since before he was born so it is fun to be able to see it all come together! Since we decided to move I had had a vision of redecorating our living room...and kitchen...and bedroom...haha, but knowing our student budget is a little tight, I didn't get too excited, until I discovered Saskatoon's hidden gem...LIQUIDATION WORLD, and man, oh man, do I love that place, let's just say my vision came to life and it was cheap cheap cheap, which makes it soooo much better! I am almost done unpacking and organizing, and I will post some pics so you can all tell me what you think of the new look!