"After all, I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures following one another softly, like pearls slopping off a string."
-Anne of Green Gables



I feel like this small word has a lot of power behind it. In adjusting to life with two babies to take care of I have a constant "to do" list, and I feel like I am always thinking, "I have to remember to do that"
It takes effort and thought, but I try really hard to only spend my time doing things that are worth my time.
Something else that I am learning to do is set aside specific time for me to do things for me! There is usually an hour or two in the day when both Trey and Claire are asleep, or sometimes I take advantage of the time when Brock is home and Trey is down for the night. Having this "mommy time" is so nice. I didn't notice that I didn't really have time in the day to think my own thoughts until I took the time and started thinking my own thoughts, verses the "to do" list. I love to sit outside and read and study my scriptures, write letters, or just meditate. I started training for a 10k a couple weeks ago. Oh how I missed running while I was pregnant! When I got home from the first run I am pretty sure I had a smile plastered on my face for an hour- I just love it. I've also taken the time to finish up Claire's room. Sewed some curtains, crafted a few things and yesterday I sanded and primed a dresser (to hopefully paint today!) And a few days ago I got my hair cut!
I know I am a lot more aware and thankful for moments to "recharge" and I think I am getting better at doing things that are more worthwhile, and I hope that by striving to pursue my goals and passions and work on my talents I can teach my children to do the same!



I have 4 {younger} sisters.
When I moved out after I graduated from high school they were all still in school, all still shorter than me, and all still little.
Well...things have changed since then. One is married, one is taller than me, I can share shoes with 2 of them, clothes with 3, and the baby is 8! AH!
I love {love, love, love} my sisters. I love talking with them, laughing with them, running with them, crafting with them, shopping with them, crying with them, cooking with them- everything with them. But this is nothing new. I have always loved being with them, my memories of all growing up and living together are some of  my most cherished and special moments. We've had too many clubs, secret meetings, fashion shows, dance parties and dress-up days to even try to count.
And now after 6 years I am going to get to live in the same city as one of them! Brooke is moving to Saskatoon! I am already planning things for us to do!


42 days

10lbs 3oz
loves tummy time
always sleeps with her hand touching her cheek
smiling and cooing lots
loves to look around
has crazy hair
sleeps 7 hours at night
could spend all day in the bath
 starting to compete with Trey for most squishable cheeks
lovingly referred to as stinky bean


a summer night

Does anyone else have moments when it feels like time seems to move in slow motion?
Yesterday we decided to plant some flowers in our yard. I sat on the couch feeding Claire and I could see Brock and Trey outside. I couldn't hear him from the other side of the window, but I knew the exact sound that Trey was making as Brock chased him across the lawn. His big grin and dirty little hands from playing in the mud made me feel like we are doing something right. I wanted to pause the sun and enjoy this little family we have created for just a bit longer. I am so happy they are mine, and I am theirs.