I can't handle it!


I LOVE hanging out with Trey everyday! He is growing and changing so fast- I can't believe he is already 2 months old! He is such a happy, content little guy, he is so smiley and starting to giggle and laugh...Ka-UTE!
He loves to:
*suck his hands (he is even pretty good at getting his thumb in there- it goes against all my dental knowledge to allow it-but it is pretty adorable!)
*be naked :)
*look at the Christmas tree
*sleep! (we are on a record of 7-8 hours straight, eat then back to sleep for another 2-3hours for the past 3 weeks!)
*have tummy time
*take his D drops
*and talk to Mom and Dad...it's amazing how long you can have a conversation of ooo's and goo's
We are loving every minute!


Amie said...

Aww he is starting to look soo much like you guys!!

Shayla said...

He is so adorable Amy!

The Olsons! said...

adorable! he has the cutest little smile!

Violet said...

haha! Congrats- I'm pretty sure at 2 months Henry HATED all that stuff. lol! Especially the tummy time, d drops, being naked... ok yeah, most of it! haha. He was happy, though. :) Trey is adorable!