highlight reel

there were a few moments yesterday that were just pure joy. no matter how many crazy moments we have, there are always times that remind me how precious my children are. they were Heavenly Father's before they were mine, and my love for them, and Him often overwhelms me.

we were all in the kitchen getting breakfast, I had made scrambled eggs and set trey's plate in front of him and moved on to get something from the fridge when I turned around he had his little arms folded and had started saying a blessing on the food. I was so humbled and reminded to slow down for what matters most!

brock was heading out the door and giving us goodbye kisses when he got to claire she made the "mmmmm" sound and went right in for a smooch! trey loves her new 'trick' and the two of them were kissing all day :)

trey loves this little baby doll that brock's grandma steed gave to claire, she comes with us almost everywhere. yesterday I found him in claire's crib tucking the doll in singing "I am a child of God"...I seriously wish I had a video camera strapped to my head at all times! It was so sweet!

trey and claire, I adore you!
being a mother is simply the best!


race day birthday

I turned 25 earlier this month. It was such a perfect day. Back in the fall I signed up to run in another half marathon. I had been looking for one on a Saturday, so when I found one, in lethbridge, on my birthday...meant to be! I was excited to do something I love so much on my birthday. After the race I did in September I began training hard. Claire was 6 months old so I felt like I could push my body more. I wanted to get back to the time I could run a half when I was in high school. I do all my running outside, and I also knew having a race to train for would keep me motivated in the snowy weather, but I was so surprised by how much I loved it. Saskatoon is so beautiful, running across the bridges and seeing the beautiful frozen river, or the fluffy snowflakes falling at dusk, I am always overwhelmed by the simple beauty of nature when I finish a run.
The day for the "hypothermic half" arrived and lethbridge was +14! About 30 degrees different than what I've been running in, and I LOVED it! I honestly felt 100lbs lighter running in just a t shirt and cropped pants, it was the best birthday gift!

"It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure." - Mary Kay Ash
Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're probably right." - Henry Ford


It's march, you know what that means...

Do you know? Maybe if you are a faithful blog reader you may have noticed a spring trend? We're moving...again! Ha! I re-read last years version, it's crazy that it was only one year ago, seems like foreeeeever! This will make it 7 moves in our 3.5  years of marriage. I can whine about packing all I want but the truth is I love to move, we'll, maybe not the actual 'move', but I LOVE having a new space to organize and decorate! And the very best part about this move (drumroll please....) our OWN laundry! That's right people- no more laundromat, or hauling our piles to wash at my sister's! I am so, so, so, so, so excited! We're moving on the 29th, and I convinced my family to spend their Easter break helping us, another very exciting perk...I'm pretty sure they only make the trek out here if we're moving or had a baby. But I can't really blame them, it march 19th, we have 5 feet of snow in the front yard (not exaggerating one bit) and its still -30. The only sign of spring here is the mini eggs I'm eating...and the moving boxes.


2.5 minutes

These videos are probably nothing exciting to anyone else, but I've watched them about 500 times. Just a little sample of our life :)

Dancing from Amy Wilde on Vimeo.

Tickle tickle from Amy Wilde on Vimeo.


when claire sleeps

trey hasn't been napping for about 4ish months now. so while claire takes her afternoon snooze we have 'quiet time' together. it's become one of my favorite parts of the day.

our days are crazy, and busy. they're loud, with laughter and tears and tantrums. they're messy and sticky, which alo means they're wet and splashy.

I love these days, but I also love laying quiet and still next to my little boy, snuggling his warm squishy cheeks. we read books and sing songs. we count to ten... "seben, eek, nine, ten!" he likes to count my teeth and play with my eyelashes.

I wish so badly I could freeze these moments. I want to bottle up his sweetness and innocence, the feeling of his little head on my chest and his fingers on my face, his love of my hugs and kisses, I want to put them all on a shelf to keep forever.