old years resolutions?

Sooo, I was gazing at the calendar at work today and realized I have a mere 29 working days until my Christmas holidays! Not that I don't love my job, buuut there is NOTHING I love more than Christmas (okay, that could be taken the wrong way...I love my husband and our families, and many other things, the point is I really really love Christmas!)

Then I thought..."Wow! This year has gone by really fast, and I decided that while I still have some time in this fine year of '09, I would make a list of some things I/we want to get accomplished before the year is past and gone...

So we did just that!...and I am exicted!

Oh, you thought I would share the list? Well it's pretty long and some may get bored, fall asleep, and miss out on doing other productive things (actually you wouldn't fall asleep, most likely you would call me A.S.A.P. and ask if you could do everything with us, because
 it's going to be a great end to a great year!)

okay one little sneek peak...
#14. watch this movie!  

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