baby oh baby...

As of late my mind has been filled with thoughts about the little one we have growing inside of me. Boy or girl? what does it look like? what should we name it?...  I'm only 16 weeks and I am already getting excited to see him/her...I need to be more patient.
A friend told me about this website and I am loving reading about all the changes that are happening...like right now it is about the size of an avocado and has started growing toenails!
I had another doctors appointment yesterday, I love to hear the little racing heartbeat, it was 140b/m which if we go by 'old wives tales' could mean it's a boy! I'm not sure if Brock and I have the genes to make a boy?... There is still a couple weeks until I have an ultrasound, I am reeeeally hoping we'll be able to find out who is in there!