daddy's boy

I think Trey's whole day revolves around Brock.
He cries every morning {unless Brock sneaks out} when he leaves for school, and watches him out the window until he's out of site. And no matter what fun things we do during the day as soon as I say something about Dadda coming home, it's the highlight of the day!
Since we've moved {and it's been BEautiful outside} Trey and I have been walking to meet Brock at the bus stop. Watching Trey run down the sidewalk to Brock is one of the cutest things I have ever seen- I cried the first time he did it.
These two boys watch sports together {Trey's even learned to grunt and cheer at the game}. They play dinosaurs and trains. Get matching haircuts. And could chase each other all day long.
Trey definitely loves his Dadda.
But the other day I witnessed just how much he loves him.
The three of us were watching a movie, Brock was laying on the floor, and he fell asleep. Trey noticed he was sleeping, poked Brock's eyes a few times and then he went to his room and brought out his blankie, and laid it on top of Brock.
At least this time I wasn't walking down the sidewalk crying.

{these pictures are not of said moment, but they are equally as cute}



One of the perks of having church at 1:00pm is having the whole morning to get ready- both physically and spiritually. This morning I listened to this interview with Elder Holland and his wife. It left me feeling so uplifted and encouraged to be better.
If you have a Sunday morning, or night, or any morning or night where you can listen to this, I am sure it will leave you feeling the same way.


spa baby

Trey is getting so big.
I say this all the time, but I just can't get over how much of a "little boy" he has become!
He has such a sweet little personality, I love spending my days with him.
Trey has started doing some new things over the past little while that absolutely melt my heart:
He folds his arms for prayers, he "feeds" his dinosaur, he loves to wash his hands, he says "excuse you" when we sneeze, or cough, or burp. He loves going for walks- we usually walk up and down the sidewalk looking for rocks and sticks while we wait for "Dada" to get off the bus. He loves "counting" to three and then running, jumping, or throw things down the hall. He loves trains, and lines all his toys up like a "choo choo" and pushes them around....okay, I think everything he does is adorable.
One of his more recent favorite things is foot massages- because of his club foot we have always had some physiotherapy that we have to do on his foot. Just some stretching and flexing. A couple weeks ago I changed his diaper and noticed his legs we a little dry so I got the lotion and put some on him, and decided to do his physio. Well, someone really enjoyed the "spa treatment" and now multiple times a day he will bring me the lotion and lay down and I give him a "foot massage"- it's a good thing I love those little toes so much!
 it's blurry, but he's handing me the lotion saying "peas" {please} over and over...


home sweet home {#6}

Here we go again. I was feeling like I had JUST posted about "out new place" and then I realized that I basically did. We moved into our 2 bedroom apartment exactly a year ago...maybe march has just become moving month for our family? I hope not.

We've lived in our house for 2 weeks now, and I haven't missed apartment life at. all.
Trey {and Brock and I} are loving having more space and now that this pregnant lady doesn't have to lug a toddler and the stroller up and down 3 flights of stairs we have been going for walks everyday! Oh ya, did I mention it's like 10 degrees out? In Saskatoon. In March! It's awesome!

So...here it is, our home sweet home!

 {Yes, I already have the baby things organized...I'm just a little excited}
 {is it weird to put a picture up of our bathroom? Oh well. I love not having a sliding shower door and I love my new curtain!}

 {Trey does his own decorating with his toys}

 {oh, hello handsome}


what is your hobby?

In the process of finding a new place to live we looked at a lot of places, and filled out a lot of applications. One of the applications said "what are your hobbies?" I was taken back by this question. First because I felt like that was a little too much information {why do they care what my hobbies are? Maybe they're concerned we do drugs or something? I'm pretty sure if someone did they wouldn't list it on a rental application...} Secondly I had no clue how to answer it. I don't know if I can say what my hobbies are.
 Life has been fairly busy lately- and I have a feeling in about 6 weeks it's about to get even busier. I do things, I just don't think I've ever thought "now to go work on my hobby..." Maybe it's just the word "hobby" that throws me off...my mind automatically goes to model trains and stamp collecting. I can, however tell you some things I like.

I like cereal. I like things that are grey. I like to go to the grocery store. I like hearing Trey and Brock laugh. I like the smell of freshly rained on cement. I like to sing. I like hot showers. I like to run. I like babies. I like photo albums. I like chocolate milk. I like stripes. I like mini lights. I like to swim in lakes. I like trampolines. I like to read. I like to make lists. I like building things. I like to cuddle. I like to clean and organize. I like the thrift store. I like getting haircuts. I like tuna and salsa sandwiches. I like to go fishing. I like musical theater. I like bran muffins. I like to listen to Christmas music all year long. I like to cook. I like board games. I like feeling a little baby moving around in my tummy. I like frozen grapes. I like to laugh so hard my eyes water. I like dogs. I like ABBA. I like surprise visitors at my door. I like to sew. I like to send mail. I like playing in sprinklers. I like 'wheel of fortune'. I like to eat things right out of the garden. I like going for bike rides. I like to not wear make-up. I like coloring books. I like to go sledding.

I like a lot of things. I guess some of them could be considered "hobbies"
I think my main hobby is just trying to be better. Being a better person, wife and mom- and not taking for granted all those little things that I like.

There. I feel better about that answer. On the application I wrote "crafts"- lame.

{And I like this picture. It was summer, we went on a hike, and I was pregnant but didn't know it yet.}


we made it!

We are {pretty much} all moved in! {pictures to come}
It was a crazy weekend, and there is no way we could have pulled it off without my sister and her husband helping Brock load, and unload, and load, and unload....
My littlest sister Abby came too, and she was Trey's babysitter while we organized everything {fyi: Abby has been here to visit us more than anyone else in our families. She really loves us, or maybe just Trey?..}

Despite all the craziness of moving I had a great birthday! Brock surprised us and made reservations for the 6 of us at my favorite restaurant here {the perfect break from moving!}, and booked a massage for me this Friday. I cannot wait! Especially since I did something to my back. I thought I was taking it easy but I woke up Sunday morning and couldn't really walk, or sit, or bend...I look like a 100 year old pregnant lady trying to get around. It's great.

On a more positive note: it's only been 3 days, but I am already loving being in a house. It feels so amazing to just pull into the driveway and have our front door right there. There is tons of parking on the street too, so come visit me :)