5 years

it's a week, and a  few days late, but happy anniversary to the man of my dreams! i am so in love with this guy! 

I tend to write a lot about our children and being a mother, and maybe don't record enough about the person who is my constant support, encourager, listening ear and shoulder to cry on - Brock. Brock is just amazing, he's a expert time manager and goal setter (and achiever!) he is SO busy it makes my head spin, but he has always made me feel like his number 1 priority! even when the days and months and semesters are looooong, he is always doing little things to surprise me and make me feel so special.  He is an amazing dad, I knew he would be, but watching how naturally and completely he loves it fills my heart to bursting! Our children adore him, and I don't blame them :)

He gets up and makes me breakfast, he knows just the perfect amount of peanut butter I like on my toast, and he always leaves the last yogurt for me. he puts toothpaste on my toothbrush. he is so selfless and patient and kind. I have never once heard him yell or raise his voice over anything. he helps me so much around the house, I'll think he's studying but then I find a clean kitchen! he doesn't complain when he finds me rearranging the furniture or starting another project, or sending him to pick up something I bought off kijiji. he encourages me to find time for myself. he is always complimenting me, telling me how beautiful he thinks I am, and if I buy something new to wear he makes sure I try it on for him. he makes the bed, even to my OCD standard, he cleans the car and takes out the garbage. And a million other little things that just make me so happy!

I was thinking of all the ways we have grown and how our love for each other has deepened over the past 5 years.  he understands the little things that are important to me, and I understand what’s important to him, and we work hard and plan to make sure things stay balanced, that neither one of us is getting burnt out. we both work hard, and life is busy, but we've committed to make sure it's full of fun too. I think the fun and laughter is what motivates us to work hard at everything else. I am such a better version of myself since marrying Brock, it's only been 5 years, but it's hard to remember how life was without him. I'm so grateful we have each other.