home sweet Saskatchewan home

We made it! We are officially residents of Saskatoon SK and we are loving it! After 6 months of moving around it is so nice to be using our own stuff and to know we are settled here for a while! We have a lot of friends out here and our ward is great! Brock started school yesterday (the U of S is so nice! All stone buildings and a lot of trees everywhere...it looks like Hogwarts) and I found a doctor! So now we really are ready to have this baby!

We FINALLY got a camera again, so here's a few pictures to recap what we've been up to

We babysat our niece Bailey for 8 days...all the unpacking and organizing tired us all out...truthfully this was the trick we discovered to getting her to sleep

she loved Saskatoon...most of the time!

baby Wilde at 37 weeks! And me ready to be done being pregnant...

Our living room
  the kitchen
 our bedroom...all three of us


Shayla said...

Aw, Saskatoon. It seems all my good friends are moving out there! Maybe we should too? haha
Your place looks cute!
I can not wait to see pics of your baby, it's coming up so soon!

Amie said...

I love the picture of the temple!!! Where did you guys get it?? Glad to hear you are all settled!!

Meghan Maxwell said...

Seriously Amy you are the most adorable pregnant girly in the world! But I would like to meet your little guy so you can have him now ;) Your house is very cute also!

Melissa said...

Amy you still look fantastic! And your house is really darling. So excited you get to be settled for a bit!

Chelsie said...

Amy, you are looking so good. I am glad you guys have some peace now. The end of the pregnancy is near. I am so excited to come and see my little nephew.

brock + amy said...

Thanks girls! We are really liking it here! Amie, the picture is from culturalhall.com they some really nice stuff!