I love lake

Well, we had the first "lake day," it's official, summer is here! WaAhOoO!

It really was the perfect day... :)



Kind of funny...kind of mean (well, maybe mostly funny)


a good day

One of the beautiful things about working at a dental office is the random vacation time. The Dentist I work for took this whole week off...(can I get a "woot woot"?) The past few days have been nice...8 hours of sleep, laundry, long runs, reading, and all those little things that I never seem to find time to do. My aunt and uncle are also gone on a holiday for the week, so my family is babysitting thier kids. Everyone had stuff going on today, therefore, it was my turn to watch the kiddies...
The older two are in school, so it was Kade, Reese, my sister Abby and I hanging out. It was so fun! All three of them are so cute and so funny...and so well-behaved..no fights and no tears...just lots of playing (one of the games was who could give me the best hug..Kade's idea..I love that little guy!). Breakfast was 'Eggos' and chocolate milk...then we had some craft time, and a few sword fights. Soup and grilled cheese for lunch, followed up by a solid hour of dress-up time...then I got talked into baking cookies... VERY messy, but I think with kids the level of fun is often equivalent to the size of the mess, so it was great!


For Brooke and Mama Jo Jo

Soooo, first off, Brooke graduated. Yikes! It's hard to believe she will be moving out and moving on to bigger and better things. I think she is ready though, well, maybe except for the fact "Kraft Dinner" is still her specialty. She is smart, hardworking, dedicated, caring, adventerous and funny..actually, she's down right hilarious! Over the past few years we have become such great friends, and even though she still likes to call me Amy lou"ser", I think she is the best (18 year old..don't want to upset the others) sister anyone could ask for!


(As for Mom...well Mother's day has come and gone, and I figured my time would be better spent with her that day then writting about how awesome she is...)
My mom is amazing. I know everyone feels the same way...which I think in and of itself is amazing. How do mom's do all they do? How do they know what we are thinking and feeling, and know just what to say? My mom is the most selfless peron I know, she has and will do anything for anyone in need, and I know I don't even know half of the sacrifices she has made for me, but for the ones I do know- Thank-you. Mom I know I can count on you and your love and support in everything I do. And as I get older I realize that yes- we are verrry much alike. People say I look like you, act like you, talk like you, and laugh like you, and I say those are the best compliments I could ever recieve. You are everything that I am trying to be and hope to become. Thank-you for teaching me and loving me and listening to me. You are the greatest!


one saturday morning?

41/56- that's my current score of hours slept vs. hours I planned on sleeping this week. When I went to sleep last night I didn't set the alarm...and I still woke up at 7. Darn biological clock. All my room mates were still sleeping, it felt like when I was little and I would wake up SUPER early get a HUGE bowl of cereal (mmm) and watch cartoons...so I decided I would do just that. Except apparently there are no good cartoons anymore...when did that happen? I was actually sad...and then I started thinking about everything that has changed from when I was little...okay, there's A LOT of things that are different...here's just a few I thought of...
*Saturday morning cartoons...good ones!
*lunches packed by my mom (she would always write a little note on the napkin)
*secrect clubs with my friends
*bedtime stories
*lemonade stands
*playing dress-up (okay, okay, I still do this with Abby)
*no bills...haha!

...I guess instead of missing all of this stuff, I could just start doing it again..I am sure my boss would love the idea of recess and maybe Alyssa would read to me before I go to bed! And it's nice enough- I'm going to set up a lemonade stand right now!!

( a little blast from the past...I think I am about 7 here)