go team!

people often say to me, especially since having brigham, "how do YOU do it all?" and, the truth is i don't! I have an amazing husband, partner in crime, baby daddy, best friend, right beside me! we say quite often to each other, "we have three kids..." then we usually start laughing! i think we forget that most people's first 5 years of marriage doesn't include 7 moves, 3 children, and dental school, and it takes a trip to Costco, with 2 full carts and 3 crying children , to remind us we're  not 'the norm'...

a week after we were married we sat down and made some goal lists; 5 year, 10 year, and life long. we made plans in how we would accomplish them and set out on this crazy adventure! fast forward to  a month ago, i was packing things to come to alberta, when i pulled them out of my nightstand, everything on the 5 year list was done! i was shocked, not to say i didn't think we could do it, but it felt like we had just written it, and here we are, already done! i thought back on on the work we had put into those goals, and i know, there is no way either of us could have done them on our own. our life together has been wonderful, and crazy, and busy, but in the hardest of times we have grown closer, and looking at that list i realized that more than ever. brock is the perfect support to me, and when life is stressing us out we turn to each other for the extra love we need, and i am learning from him how to show unwavering patience. brock doesn't like when i tell him he's perfect, but there are 3 people in our family who i know agree with me, i have never seen this guy mad. ever! I'm still waiting for him to raise his voice, or something...ha! he is so quick to see the big picture and forgives so freely. he's a kid at heart and makes us all laugh, then he buckles down and works long and hard for us all. he has made me a better person.

thank you brock for always making me feel so loved, for making me smile. thank you for bringing the babies in to me in the middle of the night when they need to be fed, and for putting toothpaste on my toothbrush. thank you for crying with me, and for cheering me on. thank you for being my team mate.