happy halloween

Brock LOVES Halloween, we had been talking about what we were going to dress up as for at least a month, and of course the day of our wards party arrived and we had nothing. I felt bad. We left the house at about 10am on a mission to get the three of us costumes and after a CRAZY day (apparently we were not the only ones who left it to the last minute) we got home at 4pm and just had enough time to get ready and to the church. Brock's cousin Katelyn did his make-up he was pretty excited...I was pretty creeped out- no one recognized him! And it's a good thing Trey isn't any older because I'm pretty sure he would have been traumatized by it! We handed out candy at the 'trunk or treat' then went out to eat with four other couples and played "Werewolf" after- my FAVORITE! It was such a fun night, and Trey just keeps impressing us with how good he is (knock on wood)

And of course we put the CHRISTMAS TREE up the next day! Wahooooooooo!

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Shayla said...

Cute costumes Amy! I am with you on the Christmas tree. If we were in our own house right now ours would be up too!