home again

We {finally} made it home to Saskatoon! I've missed our little home so much, it feels so good to be back! We had such a wonderful summer break, there is just something about being with parents and sisters and cousins and grandmas that recharges me.

Trey and Claire both changed so much over the summer, it makes me both so happy and a little bit sad to watch them grow. Trey seems so independent, it's hard to believe he was once Claire's size. I just love to watch him explore and try new things, it was a summer full of new adventures. He's so curious and brave, maybe a little too much at times, he has the scrapes and bruises to prove it- I hope he always stay that way.

Claire is our little doll. She smiles at everyone, and is sooo close to rolling over. She likes to sit in her bumbo and listen to Trey jabber away to her. As of yesterday she is 4 (!) months old, and to celebrate she started sportin' a ponytail :)

Brock is getting geared up for school- he says he's ready- I think we're both ready for some routine again.
The end of August, gardens are harvested, the days are growing shorter and nights getting colder, it always make me excited for the change in the season.

Summer was good to us, and now we're ready to see what fall will bring.



 I've started writing this post out a few different times and just haven't finished, for various reasons. Actually, reasons being why I need to write in the first place if that makes any sense.

Life has been a little crazy the past couple weeks; to say I have been stressed would be an understatement. I fully intended to sit here and write out all the reasons. But now that the house {and my mind} is quiet, I couldn't make myself, because for every moment of frustration I can think of a tender mercy that I have been blessed with. And  I know it would take me much, much longer to write out that list. It never ceases to amaze me when things "just work out" because I know that they don't "just work out," that it is a loving Heavenly Father who cares about me and my worries. One small step back from my seemingly problems, and I realize how insignificant they are. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about the day, it had been long and full and I was grateful to be still, my mind raced through the things that needed to be done but as I heard Claire's sleepy sighs through the monitor my mind turned to how grateful I am for that little baby girl who always greets me with a smile, our curious and loving boy who seems to have grown up years in a matter of months and my hardworking and kind husband who is always so patiently reminding me that everything will work out for the best. 


a little (or maybe a lot) of the Lowry's

We just got home from spending a week at Lake Five with the Wilde clan. It makes me sad that we can't all be together more, so having a week with Brock's siblings and their kids was so much fun. Everyone who has been to Montana knows how beautiful it is, and that combined with the barns as backdrops, we couldn't resist doing some family photo shoots.

Nat is so awesome. I feel like we have an "oldest in our family" connection, we're similar in a lot of ways. Her and Dave make such a great pair and I can't even begin to describe how cute and funny each of their kids are. However, since Nat isn't a big "poster", she wanted me to share these so she could share them with her friends :)   So.... presenting the Lowry Family


Oh, sweet summer

summer is so magical. bright mornings, hot days and long warm nights have made for the perfect "holiday" for our family. We've been spending time with family near and far and it's been so fun. Trey's had the time of his life playing with cousins, riding horses, running through sprinklers and eating garden peas, and Claire has enjoyed peeking at all our adventures snuggled up to me in the sling. I feel so blessed to be able to make such special memories everyday with my family. so for now, I'm cutting this short and heading out the door.