what i love

claire has started saying "momma"
i love {love, love, love} it.
i love when my children call me momma, because I love that that's what I am.

as I watch my children grow and learn and change, i try so hard to be a mother who's love and patience is unchanging. to slow down and catch those moments when showing them my love and patience really matter. they are so teachable, and kind, and tender, and soft. I want them to know that i will be there every time they are sad, excited, nervous, happy or scared. now. and always.

yesterday we drove home from church, claire was hungry and crying, we hurried in and brock changed trey while i held and fed claire in one arm and used my other to stir the soup we left in the crockpot. we all sat down at the table, i watched trey carefully bring his spoon to his mouth, and marveled at his patience, while brock bounced claire on his lap as she played with his loosened tie. the three of them headed into the living room for a post-dinner wrestle and i started on the dishes. from the sink i could see our pile of coats and boots at the door- my tights i had taken off as soon as i got in the house were laying on top of the diaper bag. i stood there looking at them, skirt twisted and shirt untucked from nursing, with the sounds of giggling children in the background, i was barefoot, in the kitchen, and i loved it.

{another "kitchen moment" from a couple weeks ago- making muffins while claire naps}


First timer!

Welcome to the Wilde family's first ever uploaded video!

stroller walking from Amy Wilde on Vimeo.

...the first of many to come I'm sure, since I take about 20 a day! It's not my fault my children get cuter every. single. day.


2 & 2

2 things have been on my mind lately; having 2 children is a lot of fun, and 2 year old's are awesome.

When we had Trey I honestly couldn't imagine life being any better, or that I would ever love any little person more- nope not possible. Well I am here to confess that I was wrong- My heart doubled in size when I saw Claire and watching these two little babies love each other, become best friends and laugh and play with eachother...I can't even type about it without crying. It's the best.

I don't know quite when it happened, but Trey is grown up. He says and does things that are so funny and sweet, I wish I could record our whole day so I don't forget anything!
Last night, around 1am, he was crying in his bed that he wanted his boots and bar "off! off! off!" I went in there, and started un-clipping them, when they were off, he leaned over to his monkey he was sleeping with and said, "I did it monkey!" and fell right back to sleep.
This morning he was carrying around one of our wedding pictures that he has claimed as his, and sat on the couch and said to it, "I lub you mom. I lub you dad." then he kissed the picture! If that isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen...

My days are so full of wonderful little moments.


Another year gone by

I've been looking back at our year, so many wonderful memories and so many blessings! I have no doubt that our little family is loved and watched over. As cheesy as it is to say,  hindsight really is 20/20 and I know everything that happened, whether we felt it was good or bad, happened for a reason. We have so many things to be grateful and happy about, and I strive to make those things the centre of our focus, and remember we are blessed so we can bless others. There are so ( so, so, so) many things to fill our days with, this year I want to try extra hard to make Christ, and each other the core of all we do. Each year I feel like the last was the best, but as they pass us by they just keep getting better and better, so here's to you, 2013, we can't wait to see what you will bring!