At long last, August is Almost over.

I realized something today...fall is coming.

I saw a leaf fall out of a tree.

It was brown and dead.

And as I watched it drift to the ground I got really excited! I can only describe it as an anticipation for the unknown. A little strange, but about 4 times every year I feel the same way. I love being at the doorstep of a new season, it is kind of like a mini new year to me. I look forward to the changing weather and variety in temperature and scenery. It seems like just when I am getting used to the weather patterns, they change, and it's great. Especially this coming season, I am moving to a new house, I have a new job, new room mates, new ward, and new people to meet!

I have never been able to say which season is my favorite...but I am thinking about all the things that make me love fall and (for now) I may choose to declare it as #1! It definitely wins for best colors, and call me crazy, but I even like the chill in the air that bites your cheeks when you step outside...don't tell anyone but I am even a tinsy bit excited for the first snowfall....shhh!


a wedding and other happy things

So first of all my cousin/the closet thing I have to a brother got married on friday! It was a perfect day, the weather could not have been better and everything and everyone was beautiful! I am so happy for the newest Bullocks! They are both such awesome people, it is so exciting to see two people who are just perfect for eachother...and the great part is they are going to be living in lethbridge too!! YAY!
As for me life is great! Here are a few reasons why I think so...

1.38 degrees yesterday, that means only one thing...THE LAKE
2.Last night I ran to my favorite place in Barnwell, the sky was cloudless, it was amazing! And I even saw a shooting star, very rotic (if you know what that means).
3.I didn't have to work today, so I actually got a full 8 hours of sleep
4.I went to the Library and got "The lost memoirs of Jane Austen"--if you are interested in her I would recommend it
5.My mom and I cleared out the garage and moved stuff to the shop...there was a mouse in the shop..we both stood on lawn mower and screamed for about 5 mins then laughed about as hard. It was so funny!
6.It rained this afternoon, which I love for two seperate reasons number one: the smell. Number two: I watched Brigadoon! I love that movie!
7.we made salsa today
8.Abby told me her favorite thing about me is my ear flops..aka ear lobes
9.Molnars taber corn for dinner, which was basically edible gold!
...and I am sure number 10 will happen before I hit the sack...


happy holiday

Well, this year the fam went on a rode trip to Utah. It was a lot of fun packed into one short week...and one 7 passenger vehicle!
We visited family in Rexburg and Salt Lake, stopped at the sand dunes, Lagoon, BYU and of course the Park City Outlet mall...with 5 girls it's a must! We had fun staying in hotels, shopping, swimming...ect...but we were all cheering when we saw the sign for Barnwell.
Vacations are great, but it really is good to be home!