maternity pictures?

So I thought I would never get maternity pictures taken...I just didn't see myself wanting to document this uncomfortably large period of life. 
Buuuut a girl in our ward just started a photography business and she asked if I would be a "model" for her (I am feeling anything but model-ish lately)
So I said I would. 
Do I regret it?
Not entirely.
I decided once the baby is here I might miss my "pregnancy body" and it will be nice to have some good pictures to remember it by. 
So here is a taste of our little 38 week photoshoot...


Julie said...

Umm, I'm pretty sure you are adorable pregnant!! I wish I would have taken a ton more pregnancy pictures.. seriously, right after I had Ruby I totally forgot what being pregnant was even like.. it's so weird how fast your forget. I can't wait to see Trey! He is going to be SO cute!

Melissa said...

Amy you are so darling! I love the blocks that spell out BOY. So cute. Seriously such great photos!

Kayla Ann said...

Amy Lou you are almost DUE!!!!
HOly cow I can't believe how fast time is flying by!! I didn't evn get to see you pregnant! and baby is allready coming! I just was creeping your facebook and discovered that you Blog....and I never thought I would say this but....I also recently started a blog. haha My friend Stephanie from Vegas made me do it lol. anyway Love you lots!! cant wait to see pictures of your little guy!! you are going to be one AMAZING mommy :)

Amie said...

Cuuuute! Love the blocks as well!!

Martins said...