she loves me

she loves trey, she loves her dad, but she loves mommy most. sometimes it's frustrating to be the only one she wants, but i really love how much she loves me. i know I won't always be the centre of her little world, so i remind myself to enjoy all the moments we spend together. she's happiest on mom's lap reading books and singing songs, she loves to cuddle with her blankets and watch "the little mermaid" while we sing a long, and i love the little conversations we have; she is talking way too much, and way too good for such a little person. she is definitely my shadow, but i love the feeling of her soft, tiny hands playing with my hair and touching my face, and her little voice "help, peassss" when she needs something. treys most frequent line is "I'll do it allllll by myself" so i know these days where mom is priority #1 won't last long. so, when she wants up, i carry her around on my hip and read that same book for the 100th time, because as much as she loves me i still think i love her a little bit more.


in case you were wondering

6 days until Brock is done finals!
20 days until Christmas Day!
27 days until New Years Day...aka, my due date!

i cannot believe it's all so close!
...but then again, maybe i can.

if you've ever been pregnant before you know what i'm talking about- insomnia, no bladder control, pregnancy mask, congestion, braxton hicks, bruised ribs, and pelvic girdle pain... and if none of those things mean anything to you- you're lucky, and i'm jealous :)

i am getting very anxious, nervous, and so excited for labour! i'm definitely at the point where i am ready for it! labour is hard work, obviously- it's called labour, but i have loved both of my experiences so much! i can't wait to see how this labour goes, and get to meet this little baby!
i've had one really long and slow delivery, and one super fast, almost-didn't-make-it, delivery; maybe this time will be somewhere in the middle? i've gone past my due date both times, but we're going to take the carseat to alberta when we go for Christmas, just in case...being early is the only thing i don't feel prepared for, hopefully we're not surprised!

it's going to be a very busy, and very exciting month!