I've read a lot of articles lately about habits and routines. one was titled something like, 5 ways to be happy. I've been thinking about it and started to notice the things I do everyday that bring me joy, some are deliberate, some I just realized I do, none of them are a big deal, which, is why, I guess I can accomplish them each day, but, these little things make a big difference to me and I wanted to record them!

(no particular order here...)
Get up early! I've always loved getting up early, I feel like I'm a bit opposite of most people, if I sleep in I'm grumpy! I just love the feeling of sneaking extra time out of the day! And since my kids are up by 6am, it isn't hard to :)

Do a project! some projects are big, like go through all the storage...some are small, get groceries., or take someone a treat, either way, I like to accomplish something tangible.

Quiet time. Praying and studying the scriptures is the most vital part of my day. there is nothing that has greater power over my mood and outlook. I need this time. some days it's 5 minutes, other days it's an hour. but it has to be there.
I also love the quiet time with my children, I try to find time to be alone with each of them throughout the day, just to hold them, and kiss them, and soak them in. those are such sweet moments. I spend my days with 3 perfect little people.

Sweat! My favorite is running... Go outside, say hi and smile to everyone you pass, and tell me you're not in a better mood! getting outside, being able to get lost in my own thoughts is like therapy. Running is when I have the time to think, problem solve and I always get my best ideas while running!

Make the beds! it takes me less than 3 minutes to make the beds (I've timed it) and even if the rest if the house is a disaster, seeing a clean bed keeps me calm.

 Time with Brock. when we were first married we made a promise to have alone time everyday, with 3 children and dental school things are sometimes tricky. Usually our time is after the children are asleep before he starts studying, or else I wait up for him to come home. These times together are a must for me, us, and our family. we can talk about how things are going, our struggles, what's on our mind. it keeps us connected and grounded during all the craziness!

My "British accent" I've always loved talking with a British accent...you can't tell me you don't?? Well, I've discovered my children think it's hilarious! I bust it out when things are getting stressful and they get so busy laughing they forget what they were fighting/crying about. try it!

Call/text/email a family member. I try to keep in close contact with our families, even just a short texting conversation helps me feel connected and reminds me how loved I am. I hope it does the same for them!

Record! do you keep a gratitude journal? Each night I write down things I'm grateful for. when I feel too tired I try to just think of a word that sums up how I was feeling that day about gratitude, I have words like, peace, tears, light...and some nights it's a few pages. no matter how little or how much ive written I fall asleep feeling overwhelmed thinking about my blessings, this helps me see past the bad, the challenges and struggles and remember to just trust and have faith.

there is more...I didn't include the obvious things, like eating, sleeping...putting on deodarant, but I think those things are at the top of my list of things i do! what do you do each day that makes you happy? I'd love to know!...


sweet sweet summer

our summer break has come to an end. it has been heavenly! we've spent the time with our family, at cabins and lakes, swimming, biking, playing, golfing, boating, hiking and all other summery goodness! i love being outside and after an especially harsh winter, spending the whole day outdoors feels, so SO good! it's been wonderful watching our children play the day away with their cousins and grandparents. Our days were filled with little adventures with our three little people. we didn't make any big plans, or go far, but it was perfect. This quote came to my mind many times over the summer, as I watched trey and claire make sand castles, brigham playing in the grass, and watching Brock fish until sunset...
"all things great are wound up with all things little."
I feel like that sums up our summer, really, our life right now; many little things that are adding up to be the biggest adventure of all.


my girl

claire is adventurous, she always has been, but watching her explore this summer has made me realize how grown up she is becoming! she's fiesty, determined, and independent, but also, soft, thoughtful and caring. she loves her brothers, and daddy and mom. she's the best at cuddling. she loves to sing songs, and run and jump, but she'll sit on your lap forever and read books. she's brave and smart  and fun. so many traits in such a tiny girl, i wouldn't change a thing.
little claire lawnee