As usual I am updating this blog thinking, "where has the time gone?!" Can we really be halfway into AUGUST? Can we really be moving ALL our stuff to Saskatoon in a week? Can Brock really be starting school in 3 weeks? Can we really be having a baby in 6 weeks? And whether it seems real or not, it is. And we are gradually getting closer to being ready for everything.
Brock is so amazing and better than any husband I could ever have imagined! He has done so much to get us ready for all of these changes, and is so good when I am not feeling my greatest (which. sadly, is most of the time). One perk of our busy days is that is keeps my mind off of the ever approaching "miracle of life" I am starting to feel anxious for- I just keep telling myself it will be a dream delivery- so it will be...

Two months ago we would never have dreamed we would be where we are doing what we are doing. So I am excited to see what these next several weeks have in store for us!