for my future self

I've been reading though my blog posts and now I'm sitting here in tears! What's the saying, "we write to experience life twice..." Something like that- don't quote me, I'm tired! I am SO grateful I've kept this blog! So many things would be forgotten without it, and even though I've been majorly slacking in it, I refuse to give it up! Now to just find a few, or ten, extra hours in the day to get everything in! 
Well that's a pretty good Segway into life right now...hint- it's crazy!
1 student husband, 4 adorable (and loud) children, 3 days a week kindergarten and preschool, 1 dad in the bishopric, one mom in the primary presidency, 2 kids in swimming, 1 little ballerina, and everything in between, equals...I don't know what, but I'm tired! ha!
I feel like lately my mind is in a million places at once, and I have so many thoughts and so much to say that I just can't find any words to even begin! Anyone else feel that way? My heart is just so full with the love I feel for our little family- our children are growing up, and it's making me much too sad/proud/worried/excited/anxious...and trey's not even 6 yet! I swear that boy just gets more sweet and kind everyday! His tender little heart is so giving and responsible, he was definetly meant to be the big brother! Claire is just a little whirlwind- seriously she never stops running, skipping, spinning...she runs into doors and walls and people daily! she takes care of us all and is always busy doing something...good or bad is debatable.. Our little (okay, huge) brigs has gotten SO grown up these past few months, he's talking our ears off, and is so hilarious! He thinks he's 5...maybe because that's the size of shirt he's wearing! Sweet little penny is just that, SO sweet! I'm just amazed at her easy going, content nature. she calms and comforts me much more than I do her, I'm sure of it!
People always ask how 4 kids is going...and my first thought is wonderful- except I've lost my mind! Haha! I am so busy all day (and most nights) that I feel like I don't really get a chance to think my own thoughts! 
Life is happening and I am learning so much that it's hard to keep up- these little people puuuush me to my limits, and until I step back and really think about it I don't realize how much they have changed me! I am not the same person I was before I became "momma". They have changed me in countless ways, all for the better!

I heard a really great quote the other week, "don't prioritize your schedule; schedule your priorities!" I've been really trying to do that- I've always loved planning and I have to have some sort of plan heading into the day, and that line is exactly how I need to go about it- there will never be enough time to do "it all" but I can always make time for the most important! And with time flying like it is I realize even more how vital it is I instill what the important things are in my children each day!