Summer Lovin'

It hasn't rained for the past 3 days, and it is nearly July, so I am declaring that
summer has officially arrived! Brock likes selling in the sunshine 1000000x better than the rain, and the sunshine definitely perks me up...although I have been eating a lot of frozen grapes and popcicles, and a couple nights I have been tempted to sleep outside! It is going to be a hot summer!

I had a doctors appointment a few weeks ago and another in a couple more weeks, everything is going great, except the fact that I have come to terms that the "morning sickness" that usually lasts 3 months has decided to be my friend the whole way through! Diclectin and TUMS have become my best friends! I have another ultrasound on the 14th and we are so excited to get to see our little guy again! I am feeling kicks to my ribs and my bladder- sometimes at the same time!...so I can't even imagine how much he has grown! According to my pregnancy book he should be hearing our voices, weighs about 1.5 lbs and is about 14" long! I am only a few days away from my third trimester...the countdown is on!

Calgary has been treating us pretty good. It's funny because we both said we would never live here...never say never I guess! We really like our apartment and I have even learned how to get around without the GPS- only to a few places though, mainly Superstore, my sister-in-laws place and the mall! Being home has given me time to dust off my homemaking skills Brock likes the home cooked meals and I have a couple sewing projects on the go! Time is flying by and I am afraid we will be in Saskatoon before we know it! So I am trying to get things done before my days (and nights) are filled with feeding and diapers!  

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