one month

I CAN'T BELIEVE TREY IS A MONTH OLD! Where has the time gone? He is getting bigger (and cuter!) everyday, it is so exciting to see him growing and changing, I want time to slow down! I think the best advice I was given is to just enjoy every moment with him, so I have been trying to not be my usual OCD about perfectly made beds and clean floors and counters and just relax! I love holding him and looking at his little face, I love the little expressions he makes and I love watching him fall asleep, I just love him more everyday! Being a mom is amazing! I feel like I have a whole new understanding of how much my parents love me and Heavenly Father's love. I am still amazed when I look at him and think he is our baby, it's so fun to see ourselves in him! He definitely likes to eat and sleep like his dad- he's been sleeping 4 and 5 hour stretches in the night for the last week or so, and he is always up for a nap with mom :) He loves his careseat, he basically falls alseep the minute he's buckled in- which makes running errands so easy! And he is getting STRONG, he holds his head up so good and is always kicking and waving his arms! One of my favorite things is that he is cooing and SMILING!
 ps. I heard this song yesterday...and I couldn't stop crying. I blame post-pregnacy hormones...

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