sweet, sweet summer

for people who rarely leave the city of saskatoon, we are feeling like world travelers lately! we've had a few days in montana, a week in waterton, and a week in provo, and we have loved every. single. minute. cousins, pools, ice cream, lakes, the zoo, duck ponds, spray parks, an aquarium, and lots of sunscreen! i love watching my children have fun, nothing makes me smile bigger than hearing their excited little laughs and watching them explore new things and places. we've had so much fun with family, late night talks with cousins and sisters, i feel so refreshed and renewed talking with people i love so much, about things so dear to my heart. it's all just been wonderful, and i'm going to try my best to soak in all i can until august 16th, the day brock starts dental school, (wahoo!) on to the next chapter of our adventure!