So my little sister Brooke flew out of the country today...she is in New York, New York right now! I am really excited for her, she definitely deserves a fun trip like this (and I am only a little bit jealous) she is such an amazing girl: She works like 5 jobs, is the Laurel class President, is an honour roll student, and the new Seminary president, I know she will do anything for anyone in need, and she has always been able to make everyone laugh. We have really become close friends as well as sisters over the past few years...and I am glad I can be here for her last summer :( at home. She comes back in a week, so we only have to miss her for a little while.

As for me the past two weeks I have been busy working at a couple dental offices, I am really enjoying it! I just have to figure out what I want to do for the fall...

My plans* are to stay in Lethbridge, I feel pretty good about it. It will be fun to try somewhere new.....I think?!

*all plans subject to change at any time with no prior notice


here I go...

well I am not so sure if this is a good idea...I said I would never have a blog but a few people (you know who you are) "convinced" me otherwise, hopefully this will satisfy them enough to stop nagging me about it :)
never say never I guess...