big brother

This post is backtracking a little bit but I have been meaning to write down a couple things that trey did that are just so sweet!
 Brock and I always say that we know it's not a coincidence that he was born first in our family. He is such a thoughtful and caring big brother and is so eager to help in our home!
 Both of these little experiences happened a couple months ago- remember when I wrote about what a crazy time that was?! I know it's also no coincidence that these things happened during such a busy time! 
The first thing happened when we were at the church cleaning up after a lunch for the missionaries. I was asked to be in charge of the meal for a zone conference- a lot of planning and shopping! every time we went to the grocery store that month my kids would ask, "is the stuff for the missionaries?" Haha! The lunch was over and we were clearing tables and cleaning the kitchen. Brigham was in his playpen, and I could hear Claire playing in the room down the hall. I wasn't sure where trey was, so I went to go look for him. I hadn't gone far and I found him laying down in the dark, peeking under the wall divider into the room where the missionaries were having their meeting. I crouched down beside him and whispered, "what are you doing in here?" He looked up at me and whispered back, "I'm just trying to listen to them. Mom, I really want to be a missionary!" My eyes stung with tears, I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude that I had been asked to help serve, and even more grateful that I had been impressed to include my children in it. I would have done it all again 10 times just to have that special moment with him! it strengthened my testimony so much that service will always bless us!
The next little experience happened only a few days after that, it was suppertime, a.k.a. madness! I hope I'm not the only mom that thinks that the hour from 5 PM to 6 PM is like a marathon! Brock was at school, brigham was crying, I was trying to herd Trey and claire to the table to eat. they were finally sitting down and starting to eat, and the thought came to me to say a blessing on the food. part of me just wanted to let them keep eating and have silence for a moment, but when moments like that come I know I am being tested. These small repetitions are the things that will form the habits in my children's lives, and so I said a silent prayer to myself, and then asked one of them if they wanted to say a blessing on the food. Trey volunteered and started saying a prayer. it was so calming to me to hear his sweet little voice talking about the day we had just had and expressing his thanks for things like the table and his bed, then he said, "and grateful for my grandma who lives with Jesus in the sun" he ended his prayer and I looked up at him, I couldn't believe how tender and thoughtful his prayer was. He had just taught me so much. We talked about his special grandma Lawnee and he said, "I wish I could see her but she is seeing me right mom, because she loves me?" by this point my tears were flowing, I reassured him and told him that I knew she was watching him and that she loves us all so much! As we were eating I thought how I would have missed such a special moment if I would've let the busy commotion of suppertime overtake what was truly important. 
Thank you Trey for always being there to remind me what really matters!


new year!

I have mixed feelings about January, I don't like the cold, -40°C is just a tad too chilly for me, but I love new beginnings and changes, and the start of a new year is so exciting! We had such a wonderful 2014 it's hard to believe it's already over! We've learned a lot and it's been so fun watching our children grow – it's crazy to think how much can change in just 12 short months! With a new year comes New Year's resolutions, which are not particularly for me. I am more of an ongoing monthly, weekly, and daily goal person. We do, however, set yearly family goals and plans, and come up with a family theme for the year. This year the theme we have decided on comes from the hymn "have I done any good in the world today?" The part we have chosen is where it says, "doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure, a blessing of duty and love."

 We decided on this because in this busy (busy busy busy) season of life that we are in we felt like it was important for us to remember how much of a blessing it is to serve. And this is also something that is so important to us to teach our children, we want them to learn and feel the joy that comes from serving others! I'm excited for the things we have planned for this year, as our children are getting older it's getting so fun to plan things with them and feel of their excitement, even if it's just a trip to Costco :)

Also, this baby is almost one year old! That's all I can say about it for now because I start to cry when I talk about it!