I never would have thought that in having a BOY I would have to think or fret over HAIR! Trey's hair has been out of control from the minute he was born
{first bath- 3 days old}
{wondering about the cast- click here}
forEVER it would only stick straight up, NO matter what we tried!
 and it just kept getter longer...and taller
 We gave Trey his first {little} haircut when he was 7 months- just a trim in the back and around the ears.
And since then we have had to cut his hair about once a month, and lately I've been trimming it a couple times a month. It's starting to feel like a barber shop around here. 
 This boy has got his Dad's appetite and his Dad's FULL head of hair.
Don't get me wrong- I love combing it and playing with it {I have put ponytails in it, but I'll save him the future shame and not post them} But a full on buzz may be in order soon!
{if we ever have a girl she'll probably be one of those babies that's bald until they're 2!}
 {that's one cute mop!}

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our story said...

wow, Amy!! He is one CUTE boy!! I absolutely LOOOOOVE his hair! Just think of what he'll look like when he's older! I'm looking forward to when I can put even a clip in Hazel's hair.... ;)