a true mother

You would think that after 18 weeks {of being sick, doctor's appointments, hearing the little heartbeat a few times, an ultrasound and even feeling it move around in there} I would be convinced I am pregnant...but it still feels like a dream. When we decided to start trying to get pregnant again I would look at Trey and think, "we can make another one?!"  It's hard to imagine another little guy (or girl, maybe) around. Yesterday at church there was a newborn baby sleeping in her carseat on the bench in front of us, ALL Trey wanted to do was lean over at look at her, he just put his little hand on her blanket and whispered "ba ba" {baby} over and over. Yes, my heart was in a puddle on the floor.
I am so excited to have two little people to love, to love me, and to love each other.
Trey was eating lunch the other day and I went to get his milk out of the fridge, I looked at the ultrasound pictures hanging there and back at Trey. I felt so blessed. Blessed to be a wife and  mother. To be able to sit and play with Trey while I feel baby #2 swimming around- what a great feeling! Life couldn't be sweeter.
I read this quote a couple weeks ago and it has been on my mind a lot. The power that motherhood holds and the responsibility I have to teach and protect our children. I am striving each day to become "a true mother"

"The true mother, the mother who has the fear of God and the love of truth in her soul, would never hide from danger or evil and leave her child exposed to it. But as natural as it is for the sparks to fly upward, as natural as it is to breathe the breath of life, if there were danger coming to her child, she would step between the child and that danger; she would defend her child to the uttermost. Her life would be nothing in the balance, in comparison with the life of her child. That is the love of true motherhood—for children. … I have learned to place a high estimate upon the love of mother. I have often said, and will repeat it, that the love of a true mother comes nearer being like the love of God than any other kind of love." -President Joseph F. Smith 

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Kimberly said...

Thanks for that quote! I really needed it:) Two kids is a bit more challenging than one and I often ask myself the questions, "how can I be a better mom??" "what is a good mom supposed to be like?" And say to myself "today I'm going to be a better mother to my children" I love reading your blog! Thanks for having one:) I really should do one....Maybe it will be my new years goal, or one of the many.