sometimes butterflies in your tummy is a wonderful,
wonderful thing.I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going- I guess that's what happens when you already have a little one with you all day :) We are SO excited to see this next little bundle-I am positive it will be a boy {that of course looks just like Trey} I thought the second time around I would be used to everything, but when I'm reading about all the changes happening to our little babe {currently the size of an avocado} I am so amazed that all of that is happening inside my body- AGAIN!
We can't wait to meet our little"spring chicken"! {e.t.a. April 22nd}

{I didn't take a picture of my belly until I was
28 weeks with Trey...so here's my sad attempt to do better this time}
Baby Wilde #2- 16 weeks 


Mitz said...

You are so cute Amy and I don't think I've congratulated you guys yet soooo CONGRATS!! :)

Jen and Josh Payne said...

So excited for you guys! Can't believe you are on number 2! I bet if it is a boy or girl it will be super cute just like trey!

missLaura said...

it's only a sad attempt because you have NO belly to show. I love you Amy but sometimes I want to punch you in the face because you look so great all the time. You look fantastic!

Melissa said...

You do look very skinny in this picture. You're adorable.