my {mini} man

I don't know if it is pregnancy hormones or if Trey is just that sweet...but lately everything this little man has been doing is just melting my heart!
He's getting to be so grown up.
And I am loving all this little-boy-goodness.
I need to write them down before I forget them- because I know that is because of pregnancy hormones!

He's figured out how to point at things, and by things I mean everything. Who would have thought I could love a little pointer finger so much?!
He got a little train to ride on for his birthday and he sits on it and watches "Thomas and friends"
He loves to dance, {this song is our favorite lately} he sways back and forth and claps his hands, and thinks Brock and I are the best dancers around :)
Trey's started to WALK! eek! He's record is five steps, and everytime it happens I squeal with excitement- which cause Trey to squeal and then we both get really excited and he tries to run- which doesn't end so happily. He's got a few bumps and bruises, but still trying!
We've discovered the best way to have a successful "grocery shopping trip"- The carts at Safeway with the kiddie cars attatched to the front of them?...they are a workout to steer around the aisle's, but he sits perfectly still in there with one little chubby hand holding onto the steering wheel...I think he thinks he's really driving.
We started giving him a spoon to use at supper, the first few times, he would look at the spoon, then at us and just giggle, like he was thinking "you're letting ME do it??!"
I feel like his little face shape is changing into more of a "big boy" and when he does his big
cheesey grin you can see the dimple in his chin.
When we ask him where is mama or where is dadda, he points to us and says,
"my mama" or "my dadda"- it's so sweet, I cry everytime.
His favorite game is "catch" and for some reason he has chosen the 2lbs medicine ball as his favorite ball, he has to lift the ball over his head each time before his throws it, and sometimes it totally over-balances him-hehe!
{is it mean to think that's funny?} 
Every mother knows the indescribable feelings of love you feel for your child, and for those who don't, it's so, so, so, SO much! When I see this face my heart literally is bursting with joy! :)

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Cole and Paige Barnett said...

You are making me so excited to be a mom!