little foot.

not this one...
this one...
Just like his Dad, Trey was born with a left club foot (I call them the "club" club...yes, I think I'm funny)
At his 30 week ultrasound they noticed his foot was malformed, but said we would have to wait to see when he was born exactly what it looked like and what would need to be done. I was nervous to see what it would look like and what he would have to go through to get it fixed...when he was born I thought it was the cutest little curved foot...I remember having to put his sock on sideways! When he was 3 days old we went to see the pediatric orthopedic surgeon and he got his first cast put on...
then we went back once a week to get a new one for 8 weeks, (soaking in the tub to take the cast off was the only time we could give him a normal bath, and he loved it!)
After the initial casting stage, the Dr. told us he would need to have surgery to lengthen his achilles tendon, it only took about 2o minutes, but my heart broke having to leave him alone and crying on the operating table, I cried the whole time...the cast they put on after the surgery had to be on for 3 weeks to allow proper healing and then right before Christmas he got his "snowboard"

...and now FINALLY
after 3 months of 20hours/day wear
he just has to wear it at NIGHT!
We (mostly Trey, I'm sure) are so excited!
I feel so sad that my sweet little boy had to endure all that he did when he was such a little baby, but we are so grateful that he could have the treatment and care of an awesome doctor so that he will never even remember! All he knows is that he has some serious AB muscles from his "bar workout" and we have learned to watch out, cause that thing can cause a bruise or two!
Here's his foot now!
(this is the best "after" picture I could get with a squirmy 5 month old)
 Congrats Trey, we are so proud of you!


Shayla said...

What a good little boy, putting up with all that! It's amazing what babies can put up with and go through!

Ashley and Caleb said...

YAY!! What a process. Sheesh. But glad its all done and went good! PS I loved how you "censored" your pictures hehe cute!

Stephanie Bengtson said...

Way to go Trey!! You are such good parents, that is why he can only wear it at night now! Good job guys. I am sooooo happy for him. I can't wait to see him! Maybe he will be crawling before Cooper!!

Kayla Ann said...

Aww yay!! what a good boy! you are one amazing mama Amy!!