winter is here

When we woke up to snow Sunday morning I was so excited! The first snowfall of the season is purely magical! But as we start to slowly add more layers each time we go outside, I am remembering what winter means here. COLD! Today it's about -6 and it feels freeezing, I need to prepare myself for the
-46 tempuratures!
On another note, I've also been remembering some perks of living in an apartment in the winter time.
No shoveling! No chipping away at the endless crust of ice covering the sidewalk, or trying to push the {what feels like} 100lbs of snow out of your way. We wake up each morning to a nice clear path to the car- perfect!
Another awesome apartment advantage, we don't pay for the water in our building. You can probably guess where this is going- looooong HOT showers {guilt free}. Enough said. 
The clean freak in me also likes the fact that, even though we walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to our little home, by that time the mud, and snow, and yuck on our shoes has
melted off, equaling cleaner floors {that might seem lame, but I truthfully appreciate it}
We've turned up the heat, put up the Christmas decorations and brought out the Cocoa Latte' {I can't
live without this in the winter- BUY ONE}.
Mr. Winter, we're ready for you!


The McGales said...

I agree with the no shoveling thing!!! A definite perk. Cute tree amy!!

missLaura said...

NOOOOO! I am so not ready for winter. Looking at the snow outside and realizing we will be looking at it until April makes me want to hide.
At least you have a positive attitude.

Laura.R said...

My family has a couple and they, also, take up almost-permanent residence on the counter during winter time. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius!
Give Saskatoon snow a hug for us!

Becky said...

I'm SO with you on the snow thing. I LOVE snow! And I'm super jealous that you have your tree up! Randy won't let me decorate until December 1. I'll just have to live vicariously through you!