a fun visit!

Last week and weekend Chelsie {Brock's sister} and her girls came for a visit. "Big deal." you may be thinking, but these were our FIRST VISITORS EVER {to this apartment, and since Trey was born...which feels like FOREVER!} I was so So SO excited! It was so fun to have someone, who is an adult, to spend time with in the day, and Trey had fun playing with the girls {we think} and Brock and I got a some good laughs from them- best quotes of the weekend:
Olivia- "Look! (pointing to a nutcracker on our Christmas Tree) it's a Cutnacker!" 
Olivia, after walking around the apartment for a while, "I just thought you had a pantry. You don't have wots of food."
Brigette's nightmare? at 4am "I want an appoooooole (apple)"
Brigette trying to say tortilla "co-co-atia"
Brigette after we had been watching the Lion at the Zoo for about 5 minutes, "Is that real?" me "yes" Brigette "OOOOOOOOOO!"
And a lot more. 
We went to the Zoo {it's free now that it's winter!} went out to eat, shopped, watched Christmas movies, and Chelsie aka Mrs. Handy-woman, discovered a way that we can get FREE! TV! She is so smart.
We LOVED having some company!
Come BaaaaaAACKkkkk! {said in my Best Dori whale voice}
{ I wasn't the best at taking pictures while they were here, but here's a few from the Zoo!}

{our home-made digital antenna, I know what your thinking....we were shocked it actually worked too! Plus we found a place for it where we get great reception, it's out of site, and out of Trey's reach- bonus! And did I mention FREE?!}

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