I love you January.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but I love Christmas! A verrrrry close second however is January 1st!
Who doesn't love a fresh start? 'Cause I sure do!
I feel like the first week or so of January is like a little "time-out" of life. A time to look back on the past year and think about the changes I want to make in the next year.

Another thing I love to do come January is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. I like to say it's a hobby, that way when I am describing my love for cleaning it sounds a little less O.C.D.
I mentioned we made a "little" trip to IKEA over the break, and I was so anxious to get back home and start the organization process:
step 1- borrow my Dad's truck in order to get everything back to Saskatoon
step 2- attempt to help Brock carry it all up to the apartment
step 3- a couple trips to the dumpster and a few ad's on kijiji
step 4- let the fun begin!

my "time out" resolutions are to have everything organized, my next 3 month meal plan, and my new year's goals all done by the end of the week...soooo, you probably won't be hearing from me until then :)

{ps. I really wanted to add some pictures, but it's decided to not let me...so watch out for a picture overload soon!}

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