a perfect end to 2011

Isn't it crazy how quickly Christmas seems to come each year? And even crazier how quickly it all goes by. I can't say if there was a specific reason, but this year felt extra special. I had been looking forward to the break away from school and schedules and to have some down-time. And down-time we have had. We have had SO much fun being with our families.
Christmas eve and day were a very good type of busy, with non-stop family parties. I love being surrounded by people I love, and I know love and care about us just as much- it's such a reassuring feeling. Trey had such a great time playing with cousins and aunties and opening his new toy's from everyone. He's really soaking up all the "only grandchild" attention while he can from my family.
Brock and I went on our first trip without Trey {my first night(s)away from him!} I won't lie, pretty much everything we did we talked about what Trey would think about it: hotel pool- he'd love, dinner and a movie- not his style.
I was so sad to leave him, but my sisters texted us pictures of {almost} everything he was up to, so I didn't feel too far away. On another note, it was so, so, so great to have a few days of Brock all to myself. He is always doing everything he can to make me happy {even if it means 2+ hours in IKEA and a foot-rub afterwards}. I love him very, very much- he's just the most handsome, funny, and sweetest guy I know :) The highlight of the trip though was seeing how excited Trey was to see us again!
I give this Christmas holiday an 11 out of 10.
And now to prepare for a new year's eve night of "just dance 3" on the Wii until I beat all my sister's high scores. We take it pretty seriously around here :) and this baby belly has some good moves!
Happy New Year... 2012, I can't wait to meet you!

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Amie said...

ahh just dance 3... i got it for christmas and i loooove it... even though i am terrible at dancing.