97 days

I had a doctor's appointment the other day. She came in did the blood pressure checking, the belly measuring and {my favorite} the heartbeat listening, and then she said, "so, welcome to the third trimester!" I gave a polite little laugh and said, "oh, right. Thanks!"
On the inside however, I was thinking,

When I was pregnant with Trey, I bought "a day by day pregnancy guide", so I was always reading and looking things up in it. This time however, it's been nice to know that all the crazy things going on actually are a normal part of being pregnant. Unfortunately this means that I haven't been keeping track of how far along I am. I've just been thinking "9 months is forever away..."

well....somehow that 9 months has turned into 3, which doesn't seem so forever away
{I'm excited}

{another one of my awesome self-portraits}


The Anderson Quartet said...

uh amy? you have absolutely the TINIEST pregnant belly I've ever seen. You do NOT look like you're in you're 3rd trimester! you are so cute! Can't wait to see this little miss:)

We Are Anderson said...

You look like I did when I was 12 weeks!!! I usually don't get jealous of peoples bellys, I've just accepted the fact that I get huge. But I'm jealous!! you look sooooooo amazing!!!! Time does sneak up on ya hey!! its so crazy!

Shayla said...

3 more months, wow! Baby girl will be here before you know it! You look awesome Amy! And I also wish you lived closer, play time with trey would be a lot of fun!