15 months of Trey

Trey is now 15 {and a little bit} months- crazy.
I've been going through our pictures and videos, and seeing him a year ago, or even a few months ago scares amazes me with how much is is learning and growing. I can only think of one word to sum it all up- fun! I have so much fun with him everyday. We are laughing constantly at him and his little personality. I love hearing his little voice jabbering away, which is good, because if he's awake he's talking to us about something!

Says: Mama {nothing better than hearing that one}, Dada, choo choo, nana {banana}, shoes, buh bye, no, yes, doggy, dee do {thank-you}, ball, fishes {gold fish crackers}, ke ke {kitty kitty}, uh oh, moo {when we ask what a cow says}, wow, shhhhhh {when he's tired}
He's started to say a couple words at a time. His favorite is "shoes buh bye" {he loves to go outside} and "Mama nana" {he knows where to go for food!}

Does: waves, claps, sings and dances, gives hugs and kisses, climbing on everything, running everywhere, brings us books to read and movies to watch {either Toy Story 3, Polar Express, or Little Einsteins}, will only feed himself now, loves to play catch, loves to cuddle {my favorite is, he will climb up on the couch beside Brock or I and hold our hand-melts my heart} He's gotten to the point where we can tell him to go get something or do something and he understands; my favorite is when we say "let's change your bum bum", he walks into his room and sits on the floor ready to be changed- it's great!

Loves: trains {as soon as he wakes up he saying choo choo and pointing to his train} dogs and cats, balls, babies, books, pictures of mom and dad, shoes {his, and everyone elses} and getting his teeth brushed {he goes into the bathroom at least 5 times a day and points at his tooth brush- hopefully it stays this way!} playing in piles of pillows, getting "airplane rides" {all Brock has to do is lay on the floor and Trey is all over him, playing with cars {he sits there with one in each hand and goes vroooooom!} riding his train and truck around, building towers, playing the piano and the drums {drums being banging on the table, or wall, or anything} and his most recent activity, drawing.

I know there is so much I am leaving out {even though this seems like a pretty long list} I just don't want to forget all the things our little boy is up to! We just love every little bit of him so much!

a common sight, Trey with a part of his train and a dog
 putting on shoes and waving bye bye

 favorite hang out spot
 our big boy making a big mess aka. eating supper

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