the stars have aligned

in both good and bad ways.

Trey is sick, for the second time in his life. First time was EXACTLY 360 days before...a new year's tradition perhaps? {I hope not.} On top of that, his top eye teeth decided it was time to join the rest of those little chompers. Trey's life for the past week has been a lot of boogers, tears, blankie loving, and a LOT of naps.

I feel so sad for my sick little boy. It's miserable watching him be so miserable.
But, Trey's extra napping has meant extra time for me to get my new year's butt in gear around here, and my cleaning and organizing done!

I think the "nesting bug" has already bit me. In my mind I have been thinking, Christmas, birthdays, baby. Now that Christmas is off the list a bit of panic set in, and I NEEDED to do everything on my "to do list" in 3 days- makes sense right?...it made sense to my pregnant brain.
The apartment has been deep cleaned, de-junked, and the furniture re-arranged. It feels so goooood.

Now, Trey and I are dealing with the reality that Brock/Dada is back in school. Brock tries to sneak out, but Trey always knows. And once the door closes he runs to it and tries with all the force in those little chubby fingers to pry it back open. We both cried a little bit this morning, but some cheerios and pictures of dogs seemed to make it all better {for Trey at least.}

all that's left is for me to eat some banana bread and read my book.

{Trey helping out with some of the cleaning}
{our new love seat, that I don't sit on because I like to look at it.}
{a sick little boy. and new tooth brushes we'll never get to use.}


Kayla Ann said...

Amy your awesome! I just LOVE ya! & I don't blame you for not wanting to sit on your new love seat I wouldn't either it's a good looking piece of furniture ;)

Amie said...

awww i hope he gets better soon!! poor little man