bad. and good.

bad: spilling mustard on my shirt at 10am.
good: I was showered and dressed before 10am, AND it landed right on a yellow part of the pattern of the shirt. No, I didn't change all day.

bad: the oven sparking and starting on fire.
good: a friend bringing a DElicious supper to us!

bad: realizing I had not done laundry for...let's just say a long time.
good: finding that shirt I had been searching for.

bad: not being able to button up my jeans this morning.
good: my little baby is growing!

bad: Brock's entering "finals time"
good: Christmas is coming soon!

{this one's all good: I found Trey like this- this boy's learned how to lounge}


Bailey and Robbie said...

What a cutie! I love how he's all sprawled out!

Cole and Paige Barnett said...

Oh Amy, your posts make me laugh